Jewish Holocast Reflections Sean chamberlain

The holocaust was the event which took place in over six different European countries between 1939 and 1941. They were taken over by Adolf Hittler and his nazi regime, spreading terror across Europe. Millions of Jews were killed in the most severe of ways scarring the Jewish people for life.
How many holocaust survivers exist? Today, around 100,000 holocaust survivers exist. These Jewish people carry on their legacy embracing their dark history as a people.
Born in Frankfurd Germany, Annelies Marie Frank (1929-1945), wrote her famous dairy while in hiding during the holocaust. Hiding with her family in an attic apartment behind Otto Frank's business for two years, she and her family had to endure harsh conditions such as adjusting to living in a tight space and being able to shower only once a week. I chose Anne Frank because despite everything that was occurring at the time, she managed to maintain her courage and continued writing her diary which is an inspiration today and gives us a glimpse at how families had to live in those times.
An event taking place today which is much like the holocaust is the uprise of the terrorist organization known as Isis. Much like the Nazis, they seek out to kill all those who are different and are eager to spread the word to the rest of the world, spreading terror throughout and letting nothing interfere with their goal. This demonstrates that history is out to repeat itself with much of the same events taking place today.


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