Water World By Ema Vence

Rivers: The river's water travels into the ocean. From the ocean the water turns into clouds which then returns it to the river through rain, hail or snow.
Water flows throw all different types of places on this planet the thing is we all need it.Water can evaporate into tiny little pieces of wetness.


The water can form into a runoff and fall down the cliff with sharp rocks on the bottom waiting for it.
The water comes back to the earth through precipitation which is water ice snow hail and any other thing that comes from the sky and is made from water.
Water goes back to the sky by the water circle going back and forth like a bikes wheels.


Created with images by tpsdave - "pacific northwest washington landscape" • Jan-Helge69 - "Red clouds" • Nicholas_T - "Silver Spray Falls (Revisit) (1)" • Moyan_Brenn - "Waterfalls" • MartinStr - "air bubbles diving underwater" • Me in ME - "Burst Bubble Bokeh" • JDmcginley - "sunrise georgia sunrise georgia" • tpsdave - "lake mcdonald glacier national park montana" • Accretion Disc - "Klutina River" • Hans - "horseshoe bend page arizona" • MICOLO J Thanx 4, 3m views - "River view" • LoggaWiggler - "lüner lake clouds mirroring"

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