One Adobe Customer insight solution

Question: How do we ensure that every Adobe employee cares about the customer?

Better Question: How do we make every customer FEEL like every Adobe employee cares about them and their experience?

Problem: Engineering uses JIRA. Consulting & Account Teams use Salesforce. Customers use Customer Care.

We have a million dashboards. 500 Slack / Yammer / Jabber channels. 1,000,000 email chains where information can get lost in translation.

The result: We are not able to deliver a unified, "One Adobe" experience to our customers.

They become frustrated, confused, and Adobe appears disorganized. This translates into the customer not feeling cared about.

How do we fix this? We need to communicate better. Collaborate better. We need One Adobe.

One Adobe is a collaborative platform that integrates customer feedback data across disparate reporting systems.

Data from JIRA, Salesforce, and Customer Care is brought together into one platform, available to ALL Adobe employees.

This will help to break down internal silos and create transparency across functional teams. As a result, all employees will have access to consolidated information on products, clients, and be able to offer a more cohesive experience for customers.

Ex: Engineering does not always have insight into customer feedback.

Ex: Customer Success Managers do not know how to find the right people to fix customer problems.

This platforrm will allow us to communicate better. Collaborate better. Be better informed. Be better.

Let's show our customers we care with One Adobe.


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