Intro to Philosophy Kalee Boor

January 19th

In this class I am excited to learn how people decide what is right and wrong and how morals affect our thinking process. I am nervous that I will not comprehend as well in this class, however I am confident I will learn.

I think this phrase means that if you don't know anything about it then why get involved.

January 20th

1. What is life all about, what is our purpose on Earth, and how did we get here? 2. Be curious and ready to learn. Do not fear knowledge and do not stop questioning the world. 3. Philosophy is the livelyhood of learning, never stop searching for the answers. 4. Simplify and analyze theorems inorder to reveal its true meaning. 5. Start with the basics and build to complex scenarios. 6. Look through all possible view points and evaluate the situation from every angle.7. Be open to different options and always be opened minded to new beliefs. 8. Always simplify the situation. 9. Learn from the theories and lessons you acquire. 10. Grow and be inspired by the knowledge you obtain.

January 26th

I learned that during early modern philosophy they discussed that the world revolved around sun and the important philosophers such as Locke and Hobbes. I also learned what rationalism and idealism means.

January 31st

I would follow Laozi because because I believe that people only commit crimes when they are being challenged. I believe we all have our own path and purpose in the world. Things will happen as time goes on you cannot rush the future.

February 2nd

Wisdom is when you have experience and knowledge from past experiences. Socratic Wisdom is admitting that you are wrong and then breaking the idea down in order to understand it by asking questions and finding some answers.u


February 7th

My belief is that there is an afterlife and that science only goes so far. I believe this because of religious, and philosophical reasons. The Bible is my evidence I believe that it is justified enough to continue believing in this belief.

February 9th

I was more empirical and epistemological in my survey. I believe that everyone can not know everything before they die. I also believe that just because something applies to me through experience or reason it may not be the same with someone else.

February 10th

I recently rejected the belief that I would be good at running track because through experience I realized I had to skills to be great. You can have something to believe in without going and perusing knowledge about it however you find yourself stuck with no explain for others or yourself when it comes to talking about your belief. I agree with Descartes in the perspective that we must go out and peruse our belief and gain knowledge about it through questions, reasoning, and experience.

February 13th

I believe that Descarte's methods were smart but long and tedious. He doubts too much but in the end he did succeed in discovering some basic principle so as he doubts, he thinks, and he exists. I believe his methods are valid.

February 14th

We fall in love because we want someone to be close to us and make us feel complete. A relationship is like a tight friendship.


Custom guides us and keep things consistently if nothing was consistent then we would never be certain of anything. Customs come from prior knowledge and experience and continue for a long period of time. They help us reason empirically.

February 27th

We should believe Humes and listen to his views because he makes valid points. His ideas of cause and effect are true because even though we know it happens it's hard to connect the two at a very specific point. An example would be like bouncing a basketball you know you throw it and that it comes back but when does it change from cause as effect? That is Humes bug question. I believe he is not a waste a time.


Knowledge is facts that can be put together from prior experiences. Things that constantly repeat can be held as truth because without trusting anything we would get no where in life. Therefore knowledge can be gained in many ways and there is alwys more to learn and experience.


March 6

I believe my argumentative skills are a 6 because they are not perfect and they don't completely suck. I know how to back up my main points with evidence and basic facts. At the same time I listen to the other person's ideas and reasoning.

March 7th

It is important to understand deductive reasoning so that you can explain basic facts. When defending yourself or a topic that is important to you, you must know how to breakdown the facts into easily understandable phrases. This can help you understand the things that surround you by connecting two things and giving them reasoning. I found this activity easy it just made me think a little more than usual, however, I liked it a lot.

March 9th

I have used formal logic in other classes such as math. We have to look at symbols and try to decide what the right answer might be. In English and World History we use roman numerals that we much be able to know in order to have our facts correctly. The activity we did today was both informative and fun and I have a better understanding of formal logic.

March 10

I experience slippery slope and genetic fallacy often because of needing to keep my grades up or I will be unsuccessful or believing something has to be true because the weatherman says it or because an adult said it. I am guilty of using the genetic fallacy because I put a lot of trust into people o shouldn't. Fallacies are very common even though they don't seem like it sometimes.


March 20

We should act morally because then it gives us something to be proud of. If we are constantly acting out and not doing the things we think are right then we can never truly be happy with ourselves. You gain the most happiness when you know you are doing something for the better. Acting morally is simply giving yourself the respect of following your own rules and standards.

March 21

I believe that we should be just and moral because then we wouldn't feel personal guilt . Guilt can destroy a persons state of mind and after awhile doing the wrong thing could be detrimental. You must act morally no matter what because then you can feel personal satisfaction. Mistake happen though because no one is perfect but you must learn from those mistakes.

March 23th

Example: I told a friend on the cheer team she looked really good in her uniform however people later told her she looked bad.

Example: I tried to make a who knows me test for my friends really heard so that they wouldn't do good cause I didn't do good on there's. In the end they did really good.

March 28th

I use more of a consequentialism perspective because I always think of the outcome and which would be better. Such as killing 5 or 1, I would kill one because then 5 live. Or doing something anyway as if they are going to die. It is easier to think of the consequence than the duty/right because evryone has a different idea of their rights or duties, however, no one can have hundreds of outcomes on a simple situations especially if it's to live or die.

March 29th

When it comes to utilitarianism it is good to follow these principles, however this doesn't alllows work. Such as making her ion legal to appeal to those addicts is not the best option even if the end result makes a majority of people happy. Utilitarianism is useful and most of time makes had decisions easier.

April 4

I think Kant would be against it because it doesn't follow the rules of preserving life. However, some critics might say that this way they won't live in pain or have to suffer. I believe it is from duty for someone to assist because they don't want to kill someone they are doing it simply because they think it's the right thing to do.

April 24th

Ethics should be based on what it means to be a good person because that way everyone is abiding by particular rules and regulations and nothing is blurred. Ethics should be based on the idea that an action is morally right or obilgatory because with this eveyoen is respecting the moral principles and sticks to their obligations. I truly believe we should base ethics on what it meansp to be a good person because if we only act due to obligations then we are not doing something with our heart and mind in the right place. If you follow obligations you would be treating that person that you are aiding as a means to an ends which is not right to do.

April 26th

My mother was the most cause of her strength and bravery. She fought through the hard times and she has had the biggest impact on my life compared to the rest that I mentioned in my assignment. She has taught me everything I know from the time I was born till now. She is one figure tHat I look up to that ha she not changed over time.

May 8th

I think something is morally right if your motives are from a good place because if so then a person cannot judge you for the consequences because you cannot control that. Morally wrong is something that harms or hurts or negatively influences or effects someone else.

Odd and Ends

May 11

I agree with Friedman because he believes life isn't fair and you have to fight for what you want. You can gain success if you put forth the work and you will be seen as a leader or significant. Some people have a natural advantage and you can not put them down or be rude to the because of it.

May 12

I think we choose what is right by how it impacts others. Things that are just are things that have community involvement, involvement in moral decisions, and equailty. It is right if it protects people while also enchnacing the community.

May 19

I still believe the mind theory because you are who you are due to your memories and traits and intellectual knowledge. It doesn't matter what body you have it's your Brian that makes you you.

May 22

I would not change anything that happened to me. It has made me the person I am today. If I would change things I might not be as strong or open minded. I may delete things that were truly meant to shape my present self. Our past experiences mold are very being and I believe I am strong and independent and trustworthy(maybe too much sometimes) but that makes me unique and different from others. We all have something that defines us usually our personality and we are who we are cue to genetics, social influences, and our upbringing. I have had a pretty good life an de I would not change a thing.


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