Intro to Philosophy Kalee Boor

January 19th

In this class I am excited to learn how people decide what is right and wrong and how morals affect our thinking process. I am nervous that I will not comprehend as well in this class, however I am confident I will learn.

I think this phrase means that if you don't know anything about it then why get involved.

January 20th

1. What is life all about, what is our purpose on Earth, and how did we get here? 2. Be curious and ready to learn. Do not fear knowledge and do not stop questioning the world. 3. Philosophy is the livelyhood of learning, never stop searching for the answers. 4. Simplify and analyze theorems inorder to reveal its true meaning. 5. Start with the basics and build to complex scenarios. 6. Look through all possible view points and evaluate the situation from every angle.7. Be open to different options and always be opened minded to new beliefs. 8. Always simplify the situation. 9. Learn from the theories and lessons you acquire. 10. Grow and be inspired by the knowledge you obtain.

January 26th

I learned that during early modern philosophy they discussed that the world revolved around sun and the important philosophers such as Locke and Hobbes. I also learned what rationalism and idealism means.

January 31st

I would follow Laozi because because I believe that people only commit crimes when they are being challenged. I believe we all have our own path and purpose in the world. Things will happen as time goes on you cannot rush the future.

February 2nd

Wisdom is when you have experience and knowledge from past experiences. Socratic Wisdom is admitting that you are wrong and then breaking the idea down in order to understand it by asking questions and finding some answers.u


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