Syrian Civil War

Parties to the conflict US, The ranks of ISIS Lebanese members of Hezbollah are fighting on the side of Assad, as are Iranian and Afghan fighters.
Arab Uprisings" even though not all the participants in the protests were Arab. The Arab spring is what cause the war. In 2010, became known as the "Arab Spring", and sometimes as the "Arab Spring and Winter
The conflict has caused a major refugee crisis, The unrest in Syria, part of wave 2011 Arab Spring protests.
The violence in Syria began in March 2011 and the middle eastern country has been crippled by a brutal civil war ever since.


Created with images by Arian Zwegers - "Aleppo, Great Mosque" • Ömer Ünlü - "Before Rain" • Magharebia - "110609 'Arab Spring' takes toll on Moroccan economy | 'الربيع العربي' يلقي بظلاله على الاقتصاد المغربي | Le Printemps arabe coûte à l'économie marocaine" • Gwydion M. Williams - "2014_06_130005 ISIS after dad itself (t5)" • Momentchensammler - "Don't look away when peace is @ risk (see statement in description)"

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