My Hero

I interviewed my hero one of my teachers i look up to Ms Gonzalez, or her full name Jasmine Alexandra Gonzalez.Reason i wanted to interview her was because she's one of the most caring teachers at Animo Jackie Robinson high school.She's one of the best teachers in our school because she always treats her students like if we where her times i would feel worried about her cause she works too hard and never gets a break.

the obstacles and challenges that ms Gonzalez has faced where a lot of things she faced being poor,growing up in pico rivera when drugs and violence was a all time high, her friend being Gonzalez has faced slot but she still manages to work harder and over came those obstacles and became a hard working teacher.

the accomplishments ms Gonzalez had did was graduating college, and working as a teacher in Animo Jackie Robinson,also she had overcoming the obstacles she faced by working hard and focusing on the things wanted to work for.overall ms Gonzalez had a pretty ruff childhood but she kept on working hard and her occupation now is a world history teacher at Animo Jackie Robinson where every one loves her because she is one of the most caring teachers who cares about her students.

the things i learned while interviewing her was everyone has a personal struggle that either makes them stronger and learn from it, or it either gets to them and makes them weak and vulnerable to others to make you more weaker.i learned a lot that people are the way they are for reason, nobody can change them unless they overcome the one thing.

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