Several regulations that were applied to the school have now been abolished due to the influence of modern traditions and cultures. Important school rules that no longer continue in our present day include students attending chapel every morning on school days. This was a compulsory rule that was applied to everyone in every year group. Currently, this rule no longer applies as there is a new system of only attending chapel for special occasions/ceremonies. Another regulation that no longer applies today is weekly behaviour cards that students were given which reflected their behaviour in and out of the classroom.

Navy Blue = good

Yellow = satisfactory

Pale Blue = naughty

No card = terrible behaviour

Instead of handing our behavioural cards, teachers can now hand out detentions as a punishment or give out strikes which can lead to a detention or a more serious consequence such as a meeting with the Principal, suspension and being expelled.

One more regulation that is now discarded was that women had to cover their heads in the chapel with a veil in 1990. This rule was soon changed which allowed women to wear their choice of clothing as long as it follows a dress code that is sensible for chapel and masses.

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