Program Highlights Since 2013:

$20M+ Locally Sourced Foods Into The Midwest Economy Since 2013
662+ Farm-Identified Local Serves Menued
157,875,000M+ Local Meals Served
112+ serves of NAE poultry from Miller Farms
153 Classroom Visits By Farmers

FEBRUARY Local Serve dates

Local sourcing is subject to weather and other unforseen circumstances that can affect farm inventory and the availability of local. Please check back for updates.

December cps farm visitor

Ryan Malburg from Malburg Farms, Hart, MI

Product Served: Crinkle Cut Carrot Coin

Malburg Farms, Hart, MI

Malburg Farms is 220 miles from Chicago, in Hart, Michigan. They grow carrots, which must be planted close together in sandy soil. If the soil is too heavy, they will not grow. Carrots have vitamin A which keeps your eyes, skin, hair and nails healthy. Their carrots were served at CPS in December.

Malburg Farms Carrot Photos

Click on a photo to begin the slide show below and discover how carrots are grown, harvested and processed for lunch at CPS!

View how Malburg Farms grows and harvests carrots!

Malburg Farm CPS Visit Photos

Click on a photo to begin the slide show

Farmer Ryan Malburg visits CPS!

The Farmer In My Lunchline December Video

The CPS Farmer visit was cancelled in January due to weather. Check back for photos and a new video from the February visit from Peterson Farms!


Reporting Highlights Of the 2018-19 School Year:

$5.7M+ In Local Spend as of November 30, 2018
Local served to all CPS students at all schools 12x per month on average
Farmers visited the classroom each month, averaging 3 schools per visit and 3 classrooms per school
Frozen local green beans, corn, carrots, fresh potatoes, apples and ABF whole muscle chicken (drumsticks) have been menued regularly through November 2018
Fresh produce serves include cabbage and carrot slaw, the Apple Crunch, roasted potatoes and fresh ginger carrot coins.
Local NAE Poultry from Miller Farms was used for Thai Chili Chicken, BBQ Chicken and Lemon Rosemary Chicken Drumsticks
Three large vendors converted their processing practices to either state or farm identify product for CPS. Our thanks to Peterson Farms, McCain and Seneca Foods.
Reporting is generated monthly on local spend by farm, product, pound procured and monthly spend. If you would like further details please contact us:


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