Canada in 2050 By:Inderpreet


Canada is a very diverse and growing country.Currently the death rate in Canada is very low and the birth rate is also low but not as low as the death rate.The migratory rate is high.That is a brief view of the demographic in Canada.In this report we are going to be focusing on how Canada's demographic will be looking in 2050.


The current trend in Canada is the population is getting older the proof to this is the baby boom in 1960-1964 the people from the baby boom are now 50-54 and the there kids (baby boom eco) are 25-30 years old.the death rate is also getting lower due to medical advancements and the birth rate is getting lower cause of birth control.I predict the demography in 2050 will be there will be less kids and more middle age to old age people in Canada and those old people are the baby boom eco. Also because of this most of Canada's population is going into retirement which means that there will be less people in working in 2050.

The red represents the the baby boom and the blue represents the baby boom eco.


The immigration trend right now is that there are more immigrants coming in.For proof we can see how the amount of east indians has increased from 2001 to 2006.The immigrants are coming here because they want a better life for there family and are moving here cause there friends and family are moving here (well that is why my mom and dad moved here).I think the immigration rate is going to increase and the emigration rate is going to decrease in 2050 because most of the people back at india are already planing on moving here.

As we can see the amount of east Indians has increased by about 73,000.

First Nations

At this moment first nations are face issues like suicide and poverty. The reason why this is happening is because of the Indian act.The Indian act which was made in 1876 is a act that doesn't give first nations the same rights that we have. For example if your a first nation you cant sell your house even if you renovate it you cant sell meat and sell food and you cant lease a car. Because of this act most first nations are left without jobs. I think that in 2050 this problem will be realized by the government and the act will be lifted causing the first nation poverty and death rate to lower.

As you can see the poverty rate of first nations is significantly higher then non-first nations in most province.
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