Life in the 1930's By: Byrclyn shoup

Family life:

Divorce rates went down partly because the fees to have a lawyer. At some points two or more families lived in home that was ment as a single family home. Children suffered from malnutrition and inadequate clothing.

Agricultural life in the 1930's

The prices dropped so low that farmers when bankrupt and lost their farms. In Some cases a bushel of corn dropped down to just 8 or 10 cents. They started using corn the the stoves instead of coal because corn was cheaper

City life in the 1930's

Many businesses started to close or lay off most of the workers. The city people did not grow there own food and often went Hungary. Some men signed up for welfare.


African Americans- it was still hard for them because people where still racists the unemployment rate was around 50 percent up to 75 percent at times.

Whites- The white people often took over African American jobs and had an ok employment rate compared to African Americans.

Lesuire time-

Children loved to play hide and seek because it did not cost any money for them.

Also board games were very popular such as: Chutes and ladders, checkers, chess, ring toss, and scrabble.

Reading was extremely popular in the 1930's.

Football an dancing was another thing that people did.

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