4B2 Maddie Berry Ellis island

Hi my name is Mary and I left Dublin, Ireland to come to Ellis Island. It was a long trip. I was in first class because my family was rich. I felt bad for the people that were not in first class. So I gave them some of my food and water. I was lucky that I did not have any diseases. When I first saw the Statue of Liberty I was so happy. I live in New York City now. I give tours to people of the Statue of Liberty and tell them about my trip to Ellis Island. I love my job so much.

This is a the map of Ireland.

I am Irish

This is the Ireland Flag

This is a shamrock that looks like Ireland's Flag

Here is two pictures of the Statue of Liberty

1. The Statue wears a crown with seven rays which stand for the seven continents and the seven seas. 2. She has a tablet that says July 4, 1776 in Roman Numerals. 3. The Statue turned green because it is copper and it turns green if it gets wet. 4. They started working on the Statue of Liberty in France.

  • I liked the pictures in the Ellis Island web quest
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  • I liked the stops in the Ellis Island web quest



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