X Games

This has been a weird year for me, while it has been one of the busiest years, it has also been one of the more difficult. Early in July, I suffered a mild concussion that made things a bit "interesting" to say the least. With a schedule that was back to back to back, I couldn't find the time to properly recover (and get properly diagnosed) until much later in the month. The worst part, Summer X Games found itself smack dab in the middle of this, during the worst parts of my recovery.

Retrospectively, it appears that I had been suffering a 3-4 week long migraine, and with that, bouts of vertigo, headaches, and vision impairment that made shooting quite difficult.

Being surrounded by bright lights, moto bikes and lound crowds didn't exactly help the situation.

And I often found myself a bit more "stationary" than I typically would like to be when shooting an event of this scale.

Thankfully, I still feel like I walked away with some good imagery, but shooting at about 50-60% effort was a struggle for me mentally as I had pretty high expectations for the week.

It was my first time shooting X Games, an event I had some serious FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) last year given that it was in my hometown and I wasn't able to participate. And now this year, I was finally there, but wasn't able to shoot to my full potential.

I think I felt that at this point in my career an event like this should be relatively "easy" to cover, but somehow I still found a way to make things a bit more challenging.

Because sometimes I trick myself into thinking that the more difficult the shot or shoot, the better the outcome.

Which may be true in some situations, but I throughout all of this, I am reminded that none of that matters. As a photographer, your audience doesn't know the backstory of an image, and quite honestly, doesn't care. Because all they know is the information being told to them within the frame.

I see the irony in airing this all out in a post, as I just stated that none of the backstory matters. But I am also big on looking back and learning from our experiences. And with this experience, I learned a lot. Some I am willing to share, and some I need to keep to myself. But in the end I am just grateful I was able to be there, to shoot and capture some of the best athletes in action sports as they competed at the highest level. At this point I can only move on, take what I've learned, and do everything I can to be back to 100% next year.

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