Agriculture project By: Colton Pool

The first revolution of Agricultural is hunting and gathering. I t took place in the middle east between 10,000 and 2000 bc. the technology started to increase with using farming equipment and making it easier to get the job done.

Hunting buffalo was one of the most popular ways to hunt because it provided food, clothing and other needs.

the second agricultural revolution

This revolution helped out with the industrial by creating more and higher graded equipment like tractors and automatic seed planters. There was a reduction of the number of people to operate farms because the machines would do the work for them. The farmers would have to bring there food to the urban cities for the food or milk not to spoil.

the third agricultural revolution

The third revolution was from the late 1900 to the 2000s. some of the things they improved over the years was biotechnology. They have created genetically modified organism (GMO) to increase the size of the food. The green revolution was more likely not to let a food crisis happen with the farmer predicting how much they would have as an annual crop.


Foods are being modified to increase the size of the product but still make the same money. example if you increase the size of the chicken but still have the same price you can double your money by doubling the chicken size.


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