Pasture Valley Newsletter May - June 2017

1 Samuel 17: 46-50” Today the Lord will conquer you….And everyone assembled here will know that the Lord rescues His people…. This is the Lord’s battle and He will give you to us…. And Goliath stumbled and fell face down on the ground.”


There comes a time when we all have giants to fight in our lives. But somehow it does not seem fair when children have to face the pain of a fight against sickness. It is in times like this that they have to draw on the strength of God to bring them through. It came as a shock to us when we first heard the results of a biopsy done for our Happiness. She was diagnosed with cancer. The cancer is called Kaposi’s Sarcoma. Happiness has already survived a blood transfusion and TB and had just completed her 3 month course of medication when we received this news. As we sat in the little room where Happiness was to receive her first dose of chemotherapy, I could not hold back the tears and was not much a support for her. Blood ran down her arm as the doctor inserted the needle for the drip. As the chemicals entered her body she experienced pain and shock but she was so brave. The side effects of chemo resulted in stomach pains, loss of appetite, headaches and fever. She was too weak to go to school for days after the treatment. She will need to go for treatment every 3 weeks for a number of months. Please pray that she will be strong enough to fight her Goliath and win. While we sat waiting for the doctor to arrive, I gave her a little piece of paper and a pen to draw anything she wished. Later on I saw that she had drawn lots of flowers and butterflies and at the bottom she wrote “ JESUS LOVES ME”. And Jesus does.


More preschools have requested assistance and Pasture Valley ran another preschool teacher training workshop in May. The training focussed on encouragement, curricula available (which was presented by an ACE representative) and problems in the preschool. The teachers interacted well and went home with some supplies for their schools.


Birthday parties are always a highlight for the children. For some children it was their first time to celebrate a birthday and it was a festive affair!


The Grade one homeschool children are learning how to read music and have been taught how to play the keyboard by Aunty Eleanor.


I collected a 3 year old boy from the Social welfare office a few weeks ago. His mother had abandoned him when he was only 2 months old and his father has been placed into prison. We are waiting to see if any relatives can be located.

Another girl has joined our girls care centre and has settled into the daily routine and schooling. She has had to face many challenges in her young life already.


A container for storage of food and clothes for the child support programme has arrived and will form a wall for a new carpentry training workshop. We are very grateful to our sponsors for this new addition to Pasture Valley.


The children were busy over the holiday learning how to plant a potted plant for their teachers at school. They also learnt how to make compost and had a fun Caribbean day.


Jayne Lewis ran the London Marathon and raised funds for Pasture Valley Children’s home. She finished in just over 5 hours and 30 minutes. Well done and thank you Jayne and everyone who sponsored her!


With winter being upon us we wanted to try and get jerseys to the children as soon as possible. About 22 children at Mantambe High school and Edorpeni Primary school received school jerseys, school clothes, shoes and a Bible.


Even though Mozambique borders Swaziland, it was the first time for Claire, Siyabonga and Luke to visit this country. We were able to visit a Literacy Centre and learnt how to teach the curriculum. The beach was irresistible for the boys.


Our new video, In Faith We Grow: The Story of Pasture Valley Children’s Home, is now available on line at the following URL: https://vimeo.com/221823819


  • For the children as they start to write their examinations
  • For Happiness as she receives treatment over the next few months
  • For staff and caretakers at Pasture Valley
  • For Ekuthuleni mission station and the girls care centre
  • For the completion of the welcome centre and storage/workshop buildings
  • For children to grow in their faith and to be witnesses to others
  • For Swaziland
  • Gratefulness for God’s continued provision
  • Thankfulness for all our supporters and sponsors who make it possible to do the work
  • For pastors and spiritual leaders in Swaziland and our monthly ISOM training with the pastors
  • For Noncedo (who is supported through our child support programme) who was admitted to hospital after being unknowingly given some popcorn with drugs in it at school.
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