Reconstruction has Begun

Confederate soldiers firing on the Union

Reconstruction is the new beginning of the United States of America: the healing to the damage caused by the Civil War. It's critical to the reparation of our Union because as long as we our divided, we still are at a weakness and disadvantage. Only united can we stand, and healing is critical to reunification. The South is all but destroyed, and severely damaged. The only way to fix this is for the North to provide support to the South.

A Union soldier dines at camp during the war

Two Presidential Plans

The Lincoln Memorial

President Lincoln had a plan that would allow states to easily rejoin the Union: ten percent of citizens must swear loyalty to the United States Constitution. Unfortunately, Lincoln was shot and killed five days after the end of the war. President Johnson's plan is much more rigorous. It requires ratification of the 13th Amendment to our Constitution, and nullification of the Act of Seccesion. In addition, rejoining states must acknowledge the Union will not pay their war debts.

Andrew Johnson

Slavery Ends in Texas

The bonds of a Slave

Yesterday, on June 19, General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston and freed every slave in Texas. This event is being called Juneteenth, and it is very celebratory among African Americans. They sang and danced, and parades were held to commemorate freedom. To accommodate every freed person without a job or an education, the Freedman's Bereau is being created. It will provide freedmen with education, training, supplies, and jobs.

Slaves Working on a Railroad

New Texas Governer Appointed

Texan Constitution

President Johnson is appointing Andrew Hamilton as governer of Texas. He has been chose because Johnson is trying to appoint Unionists to southern offices. Hamilton is calling for a Constitutional Convention to rewrite our constitution so we may rejoin the United States. Unfortunately, most appointed members of the convention are Ex-Confederate high ranking officers. It looks as if African Americans will be gaining very few rights in this new constitution.

A Grazing Donkey

Congressional Reconstruction

Congress has created a plan a new plan for Reconstruction that create five districts in the South ruled by the military. District Five is made up of Texas and Louisiana. They are military controlled and dictated by Generals. Everybody that wishes to vote must take the Ironclad Oath, which states they a person never voluntarily served the Comfederacy.

Freedmen Get the Vote!

Freedmen are working together to register each other. About 50,000 freedmen have been registered. Sadly, the terrorism group known as the KKK is working hard to stop African-Americans from voting. The Ku Klux Klan hates carpterbaggers and scalawags because they believed they impendd their work by giving jobs to African-Americans.

Reconstruction Ends!

Reconstruction has finally ended in Texas during March of this year, 1870. Many white people, however, are still angry about the fact that Radical Republicans are still in power. The KKK has driven many African-Americans to the outskirts of cities using terror. Sociologists predict Democrats will gain control of the Texas government and it will stay under Democratic control for exactly 105 years.


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