The Divine Experience A Trip to the Theater

My friends and I got together to enjoy a night at the theater
Our enjoyable experience at the Constans left us ready for more

Spatial Experience

I'm not quite sure what aspect of the theater had the greatest impact on my experience. As soon as the lights dimmed, I was transported into the world of "The Divine." The design of the set really gave the appearance of actually being a part of the characters lives. I also got to enjoy the fact of being center stage and at the perfect height in the theater that I was able to completely immerse myself in the production. The chill of the air conditioned room helped me to connect with the discomfort that occupied the underlying conflicts of the play.

Social Experience

.I had the distinct pleasure of attending the night's performance with three of my best friends: Ted, Gabby and Grant. I truly believe that going through experiences with others enhances what you can get out of life. After the show we were able to discuss each of our particular views on the themes and the message that the show was trying to convey. Social interaction is paramount for intellectual stimulation.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

I think what was really hard-hitting about "The Divine" was the fact that, even though it was set some 150 years in the past, it was still culturally relevant. I realize that we aren't in the beginnings of the industrial revolution, but I feel like today there is still a major separation between the church and society. Also, it showed that we don't always have to follow the roles that our peers, as well as society, assigns us. The play made me realize that just because my parents and my superiors have always told me that I need to follow a certain career path, I actually have the freedom to control my own future. That amount of responsibility is definitely enough to weigh anyone down, but the freedom is also empowering.

The Emotional Experience

"The Divine" was a real eye opener, as in the aforementioned page. I think it provided the theater goers the opportunity to come clean with ourselves in the sense that they could come clean about whatever they've been lying to themselves about. As a society, we are very weak willed when it comes to having an individualized opinion on life. We tend to go along with what everyone else decides is "best." Just like I talked about earlier, we let our parents and the people around us influence what we think we decide what we want out of life. As important as it is to take other's opinions into consideration, we really need to conspire within ourselves and determine was we desire out of life. The question the play really brought to my attention was: "are my goals really my goals, or are they the goals that others have set out for me?"

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Permission from Grant Howard and Gabby Armin
Permission from Joseph Lacy

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