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New Additions Opening 2017-2018 School Year

The Aldine Senior High School Renovation/Addition Package will consist of the demolition of existing CTE areas, renovations of all corridors, classrooms and restrooms along with a refresh of mini-gym and administration area. The new addition will include a new 25,000 sf building with 16 classrooms, 5 ROTC classes and restrooms.

Moving Furniture in Corridor 400
Lighting Fixtures Demo

Beginning in January 2017, twelve temporary buildings will serve as swing space during the construction process. These units will be set up to include canopies, walkways, data, fire alarm, power, lighting and a PA system.

North Driveway Canopy Demo

February 2017 Updates

Building Permits have been approved by the City of Houston. The Contractor is completing the AISD badging process for all of their appropriate employees. Temporary partitions were installed at the ends of the 400 Classrooms Corridor to isolate this renovation area from students and staff.

Removal of old Insulation

Existing Restroom Partition Demolition

March 2017 updates

The new student sidewalk from Airline Drive to the front entrance has been poured. The earthwork for the temporary construction access road is in progress. The site excavation for the new addition’s building pad and foundations are ongoing. Temporary roof drain lines have been installed to allow water from the existing roof drain lines to flow away from the building pad.

April 2017 Updates

The new student sidewalk from Airline Drive to the front entrance is now available for students to use, while the temporary construction access road is in place. The construction of the new addition’s building pad and the installation of the new sanitary sewer line are ongoing. Meanwhile, the demolition in the 400 corridor and restrooms is complete.

CMU Wall in the Corridors of the New Additions

New Plumbing Fixtures in the New Addition

The construction of the New Addition's building pad is in progress. The contractor has started the placement of the structural fill materials to form the structural base for the new concrete floor slab. Meanwhile, the demolition of the 400 corridor is complete. As scheduled, the back of the wall infill framing and installation of other finish materials are in progress. The current Career and Technology Education areas are being prepared for construction activities, which is scheduled to begin May 2017.

MAy 2017 Updates

The construction of the new addition's building support pad is complete, with most the drilling and concrete pours for the foundation piers installed. The existing roof overhang of the north wall of the existing building is being removed to allow the remaining piers to be installed next to the face of this building. With the demolition of Corridor 400 classrooms and corridors completed, the installation of the new infrastructure utilities and finish materials in these areas is proceeding as scheduled. The original CTE areas along the west side of the campus were vacated at the beginning of May, with the exception of the Cosmetology classroom spaces, and all contents were removed and stored offsite. The demolition is currently near completion in these areas in preparation for the scheduled renovation activities to begin.

June 2017 Updates

Most of the new underground storm drain lines within the new addition’s footprint have been completed. The new addition’s foundation is scheduled to begin by mid-June. Select demolition, in the CTE areas for the removal of the remaining walls and surfaces, is complete, with the new installation ongoing. Electrical conduit runs and mechanical work continues in the CTE areas. Underground plumbing line work in Room 422 and the Auto Shop areas are ongoing.

Installation of ceiling grid, light fixtures, floor tile, and drywall is ongoing in Corridor 400. Drywall has been installed in the previous corridor transom areas and the new wall panels should begin installation in the near future.

Drywall Installation

June Aerial View of the New Addition
400 Wing Lounge Restroom Continues
Room 422
300 wing restroom demo
700 Hallway

All equipment and furniture in Corridors 200, 300, and 700 have been relocated to the T-Buildings, Small Band Hall, Cafeteria, and miscellaneous assigned areas for summer 2017. The textbooks for the Library will remain in place and will be protected, during the summer ceiling tile replacement work. Removal of the existing ceiling grid and light fixtures are ongoing in many scheduled areas, per the summer construction schedule.

New floor and light in room 414
The entire school will receive new room identification signage for consistency throughout the building.
700 Hallway Demolition

July 2017 Updates

Framing for fire dampers has been installed in the Corridor 400 walls, with installation of ceiling grid, LED light fixtures, flooring and drywall almost ready for the architecture team to provide a job site visit to develop a deficiency “punch” list for confirming any remaining conditions to be addressed. The new corridor wall panels are nearing completion in this area, too.

New corridor wall panels are almost completed in Corridor 300 and more than 50% completed in the Corridor 700 and 900 areas. Some of the Corridor 300 classrooms areas will also be ready to be reviewed by the architecture team for a punch list.

The New Addition’s foundation grade beams and pier caps are completed. Formwork and steel reinforcing are now being installed for the concrete building slab.
Corridor 900 new window and frames installed
CMU wall and HVAC Ductwork continues
New booths in welding area

Structural Steel Work

Auditorium Corridor- Ceiling framing, wall panel and lighting installation

Concrete pour in the courtyard

Mini Gym New Roof Insulation

The required renovation work in the Auditorium for new stage lighting and in the Mini-Gym for new roofing insulation, scoreboard and lighting will progress rapidly within the next few weeks.

August 2017 Updates

August 2017 Aerial View
The New Addition’s structural framing and roof decking are completed. Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) walls are being installed that will become the interior corridor and classroom walls, as well as the backup walls for the brick veneer exterior.

Installation of the scheduled finishes is completed in the renovated Career and Technology Education (CTE) areas, while some final, miscellaneous mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work is near completion in the relocated Culinary Arts area. All CTE shop areas have a new coat of epoxy paint on their floors. Most of the scheduled millwork cabinets and storage units are installed in the Fine Arts classrooms, with some final painting and ceiling work still being completed.

Installation of the scheduled finishes is completed in the renovated Career and Technology Education (CTE) areas, while some final, miscellaneous mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work is near completion in the relocated Culinary Arts area. All CTE shop areas have a new coat of epoxy paint on their floors.
Most of the scheduled millwork cabinets and storage units are installed in the Fine Arts classrooms, with some final painting and ceiling work still being completed.
Administration Area New Millwork, Ceiling Grid & Lights
Girls & Boys Locker Room Restroom Continues

September 2017 updates

Installation of new scoreboard

Installation of new backboards

The new addition’s north and west masonry backup walls are almost completed and are being covered with mastic in preparation for installation of insulation and exterior veneer face brick. Most of the classrooms located on the north side of the C-Wing Corridor have their common separation walls also installed. Installation of the plumbing lines and toilet fixture supports for two new restroom areas is ongoing. New roof curbs have been installed along the edge of the existing building’s north roof area in preparation for tying into the new addition’s roofing parapet system. A masonry wall is also being erected along the southern edge of the addition where it will interface with the existing building’s north face.

The Auditorium renovation work is proceeding with the installation of new stage lighting upgrades.

Most of the renovated restroom areas have new toilet partitions installed, with only a few missing urinal screens which will be installed shortly. Most of the necessary toilet accessories have been installed, including those in the Clinic area, too.

Corridor 300 boys restroom
Corridor 300 Girls Restroom
Corridor 400 Boys Restroom
Corridor 400 Girls Restroom

New Hold Open Mechanisms Installed

Corridor 100 wall panels, ceiling grid & light fixtures continues

The new addition’s masonry backup walls for the north and west walls were completed and damp proofing was applied to the face of these walls in preparation for brick veneer. The two restroom plumbing risers passed City of Houston inspection and will soon have concrete masonry unit (CMU) chase walls built around them. The new water supply lines are being installed. Mechanical ductwork has been extended to most of the north side classroom areas, while preparation is proceeding for ductwork to the south side classrooms. The roof curb transition work from the existing building’s north edge to the New Additions CMU south masonry wall is ongoing. The New Addition's south CMU cavity wall is approximately eighty percent (80%) complete. The new roofing installation is anticipated to begin at the end of next week. The west and north parapet walls are being prepped to receive new roofing curbs. Mechanical work continues in the existing chiller equipment building in preparation for the new chiller lines. Formwork for a new chiller concrete pad is also being installed.

October 2017 Updates

October 2017 Aerial View

The new addition’s exterior concrete masonry unit (CMU) backup walls are completed and waterproofing has been applied to the face of these walls. Over 90% of the interior CMU walls have also been installed. Rigid insulation boards and thru-wall base flashing have been applied to the west masonry backup wall, with brick veneer being installed over these surfaces. The roof parapet transition work from the existing building’s north edge to the new addition’s south masonry wall is ongoing, with roofing installed over 95% of the new area. The other perimeter parapet walls are currently being prepared to terminate the new roofing installation. The two restroom plumbing riser areas passed City of Houston inspection and will soon have chase walls built around them. Mechanical ductwork and variable air volume units have currently been installed in the north side classroom areas and in some of the south side classrooms. Electrical work for light fixtures, data, communications and low voltage systems continues. Mechanical work in the existing chiller equipment building is in preparation for the new chiller lines and a new concrete pad has been poured for the new chiller unit.

The 100 corridor’s new wall panels, ceiling grid, tile and light fixtures are installed. The classroom areas are all currently repainted and have ceiling grids installed, with the new flooring about 85% completed and ceiling tile being installed. Electricians have been installing the new LED light fixtures.

The 200 corridor’s new wall panels are also completed. In the classrooms, walls have all been repainted and ceiling grids have been installed in about 90% of these spaces. Electrical work has also been ongoing in these areas, too.

November 2017 Updates

The new addition’s exterior brick veneer installation is almost completed, with window frames being installed in the north wall.

Mechanical ductwork, electrical and plumbing work are ongoing in all classroom areas.

New roofing is approximately 95% finished. Mechanical and electrical work is also ongoing for tying the new chiller equipment into the new and existing chiller lines and system. A planned power outage is scheduled during the school’s Thanksgiving holiday to perform this work. Two restrooms have chase and privacy walls built around them and ceramic tile and fixtures will be installed shortly. Terrazzo flooring has been installed in 85% of the main corridor areas and is currently being ground, the first stage of its finishing in some of the previously poured areas, prior to final sanding and polishing.

New Addition- North Wall Brick Veneer & Window Frames

December 2017 Updates

The new north driveway is currently rough-graded and lime stabilized to begin installation of select fill for final sub-base elevations, prior to concrete pour preparations. Underground conduits for fire alarm, mechanical HVAC controls and communications to the chiller plant were covered as part of this work. The new roofing is installed, with roof drain scuppers and downspouts being installed. The Boys and Girls restroom areas have toilet fixtures installed in each.

Panel Installation in the Hallways in progress

Corridors 100 & 200 classrooms are ready to move from the B Wing and T-Building classrooms into these renovated spaces. This will begin during the school holidays. The A Wing corridors began installation of wall panel trim pieces and some existing non-working security cameras were tested for operation and will be replaced, where required. Any existing, non-functioning classroom PA speakers are also being tested for cabling or connectivity problems. All the renovated areas are being addressed for any remaining punch list items.

January 2018 Updates

January 2018 Aerial View

The three entrance frames and doors are installed, with glass installation in the door lites and transom areas 80% complete. All classroom and corridor doors and hardware have been installed, with the door frames painted. Ceiling grids and LED lights are installed in 95% of the corridor areas. Scheduled vinyl flooring, rubber base and ceiling tiles are installed in all classroom areas. Classroom walls have a final paint coat applied. Counter top mill-work is being installed in the JROTC Officers and Teachers Workroom areas. Cleaning crews have started general cleanup and mopping in the classroom areas.

In the Main Building Renovations, testing & replacement of previous non-functioning security cameras and fire alarm devices are 85% complete. Completion of fire alarm testing is anticipated February 17. The B Wing’s corridor wall panels are installed except for the area outside of the construction’s temporary partitioned areas. Vinyl flooring is installed in 70% of the isolated classrooms.

February 2018 Updates

February 2018 Updates

March 2018 Updates

New Entrance to Existing and New Addition Building
New Addition Restroom Area

April 2018 Updates

May 2018 updates

The General Contractor’s project trailer has been removed from the job site. The final elevation grading of the crushed concrete base and removal of excess materials are currently underway to prepare for the installation of the asphalt paving by the end of May 2018.

The final punch lists for the New Addition classrooms, restrooms and corridors were completed and a Substantial Completion Certificate was issued by the Architect for the New Addition.

In the Main Building Renovations, testing & replacement of previous non-functioning security cameras are ongoing. The B Wing’s classrooms and corridors ceiling tile work expected to be complete by Mid May. New flooring and rubber base are installed in all classrooms. A cleanup crew is currently going through the classrooms, corridors and restrooms cleaning all the floor and wall areas. The mechanical contractors have begun installation of the mechanical fan coil units in the main corridors during after school hours.

June 2018 Updates

The north driveway asphalt paving is complete

June 2018 Aerial View

All punch list items for the renovated B Wing classrooms and office areas are completed, and furniture has been moved back into these areas. Demolition is ongoing in the classrooms of the Corridor 600 and 700 areas scheduled for Summer renovations. The plumbing and electrical connections for the main corridors mechanical HVAC fan coil units are still ongoing. Painting of all corridor lockers is 50% completed.

July 2018 Updates

New Addition Near Completion

July 2018 Aerial View

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