Tattoos on the Heart Final Project By josephine GaRro

Introduction and Preface

He says that this book is suppose to showcase the boundless power of compassion. He does not want it to be a pity book. And he doesn't want it to be a praise book where it sayas he is a saint. And finally he said is is suppose to broaden the parameters of kinsmenship. My favorite story here is about sharkey. He inspired Father G to name the book tattoos on the heart.

Chapter 1 God I Guess

The theme of this chapter is all about God. And it has to do with why people do the things they do. And how all of their decisions reflect on what God told them to do. My favorite story in this chapter was about Scrappy. I found it inwteresting because he almost shot Father G but he didn't. And years after that he actually became friends with him. I found it really cool because he changed a lot.

Chapter 2 Dis-Grace.

This chapter is all about shame. Shame not in mind but in spirt. It talks about how we have to over come that shame and grow with God. The story I enjoined most was Lula's because he was so happy of his report card. And it wasn't about his grades but rather that he had zero absenses

Chapter 3 Compassion

Compassion is the central theme in this chapter. This is because it is very intimate to Father G especially. It is also very close to his heart. My favorite story in this chapter was about Betito. He was the one who called Father G the real deal. And he is the one who also died at 12. It was very sad and it touched me in my heart.

Chapter 4 Water, Oil, Flame

The theme I saw in the chapter was chaos. There was a lot that happened and not all of it was bad. Some of the stories had death, but some needed in hope. The story that interested me was the one about the pregnant women. Where teens in gangs thing they need to get married and have kids right away. This is because they don't think they will survive.

Chapter 5 Slow Work

The theme of this chapter was simply slow work. Specifically God's slow work was the focus of this chapter. There are multiple stories of the slow work that takes over humans. One I really liked was Grumpy. He was the one who didn't want to get his tattoos removed. But in time he came to Father G wanting them removed.

Chapter 6 Jurisdiction

The theme I was being accepted. Not only being an ccepted by other human, but by God. Most of the stories here are about finding a peace with God. The story I liked the most was about Juan. He was the homie who went up to sing but was horrible at it. Yet everyone in a way respected him and accepted his ambition to sing in front of everyone.

Chapter 7 Gladness

This chapter is all about being happy. They are expressed through their family member and just each other. Father G finds that they aprieciate the more simple things. The story I liked the most was about the owl in the gangs area. They were so amazed and just knew it was a sign for something.

Chapter 8 Success

This chapter was about success. And it wasn't just any old success stories, but they included God in them. And how we can be successful and become closer to God. The story I like the most was about shady. I liked hers because it had a lot of metaphor because a dove landed on her shoulder and there was a casket in a church. And later that day she died and it was God sort of giving her a heads up saying that your death will result in peace.

Chapter 9 Kinship

This chapter was about his friendship with some of the homies. They are more stories of close friends and people he talks to all the time. I personally like this chapter because it was interesting and more interactive. My favorite story was the one about Father G's mother. He tells us that she was an opera singer and I thought wa cool and interesting.

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