Fiji First week in paradise

I’m writing this as we travel from Viti Levu, Fiji’s main island, to the garden island of Taveuni where we’re spending our second week. As we sit in the car on the way to the airport, there is a protest march in Nadi, our destination and place of departure, traffic is stationary as a result, we are watching said march on Rezwan’s iPad on a Facebook live stream (isn’t technology amazing?). We just said goodbye to the Namuka Bay Resort. About that...

Your author’s on Fiji time

Namuka Bay Resort

Our bure on the beach

Bliss by the sea

“We’ve been having a few problems with the water but don’t worry the pressure should come back over the next day or so”. Thus was the greeting from Ali, our host at the Namuca Bay Resort, an hour south of Nadi on the main Fijian Island of Viti Levu. After a long journey with a big time jump (a day into the future in our case) reality seems a little bit distorted and the reality before us was certainly very foreign and a little scary. The archipelago that makes up Fiji is a well placed stepping stone between the US West Coast which we had chosen as an ideal “decompression stop” on the way to climbs further afield. A place to let go of the daily rituals of “normal life” and adjust to a slower pace. One of the aids to decompression is lack of 24 hour power. The generator kicks in at 7pm and goes off again at 8:30am.

Home sweet home.

The resort is a family run establishment made up of eight beach “Bures” and also housing a lively mix of livestock.

Jumping for joy

An old railway line runs through the middle which used to take sugercane from the southern sugar plantations up to be processed. These days it’s used as a thoroughfare for walking between villages and for tourist excursions by “rail bike”.

Our own private railroad

The food, prepared by Silivia and her team, was all deliciously home grown and cooked from scratch. We got to sample local fish, garden grown cassava and bread fruit and some delicious curries. It was definitely one of our highlights of the visit.

A selection of goodies.. for more see my #foodporn series http://instagram.com/clarkezone
Victoria enjoying some tasty lamb curry

Our daily routine for this leg was pretty simple. Get up with the sun, eat then read (or doze) for most of the day in front of the ocean and then go to sleep when it gets dark. No internet, just books. We did venture into the ocean which is as warm as a bath. We also visited some nearby limestone caves and the village of Cuvu (pronounced “Thuvu”).. But mainly it was decompression. Luckily the 21 hour jump ahead isn’t much of a time phase shift so adjusting was no problem. We also got used to the lack of power and variable availablility of enough water pressure to shower in. I managed to get a healthy 5 days of wear out of my first t-shirt :-). By the way, it turns out the water pressure was an issue because the filters were getting clogged with mud at the government run water filtration plant.

Bula, South Pacific
Bures complete with outside shower

A small family-run establishment was exactly what we were looking for for the first stop in this journey. Simple, clean living. But talking about it we figured it must be really hard to run such a place. There is competition from surrounding resorts with much deeper pockets. Those resorts get to dictate things like “let’s shut down the railway because it might kill a tourist”. Those resorts also have funds to ensure things like mains electricity and reliable mains water. Without 24 hour power, fresh has to be fresh as there’s no back-up fridge or freezer. We booked direct rather than through one of the online sites which take a 15-20% cut. We take our hats off to a family who are making a go of it.

Billy thinks he rules the roost

Leaving here, some of our thoughts are: Fiji is amazing! Don’t take clean, warm running water for granted! Take internet breaks! Turn the power off now and again! It’s fine to not have clean clothes every day (and a large chunk of the world never have clean clothes)! In terms of our thoughts on the Namuka Bay Resort, overall we loved it, very quiet, very attentive staff / service, great food which was a little pricey but fresh, good quality and convenient. Clean and comfortable accommodation right on the beach. We were looking for a haven to recover from the flight and adjust to the climate and this place fit the bill perfectly.

Finally, we watched the following video in the stationary traffic on the way to the airport and it struck a cord: https://youtu.be/NtjYlLzZ7f0 (thanks to Rezwan for the pointer to this.. subscribed).

Billy doesn’t rule the roost

If we managed to keep you until the end, thanks for sticking with us! Also, if you are interested in following along with the rest of the series, make sure you follow us at http://clarkezone.io


Love James and Victoria

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