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Gyeongju - South korea.

Historic Korea

Maybe you fancy a walk in the past, we can take You2 historic South Korea via Busan or SEOUL airports.

Imagine yourself in one of these postcards, take a trip to Busan during the summer.

From July to the end of August there are many events and free concerts on One of the 4 famous beaches.

Haedong ( Yonggungsa) temple near Busan

Very popular small quaint temple along the shores of South Korea just North of Busan.

Fancy some fun , rent a jet ski, or try out windsurfing? We have you covered.

A gentle stroll along the promenade at night

Historic fort in Jinju4u

Busan's famous Gwangali bridge

A leisurely stroll with the sound of the sea. Are you Happy2GoTravel, book with us and let us get you there.

The famous Haeundae beach at night, listen to the sounds of happy travelers and watch the shimmering lights of modernization, Happy2watch let us get you there.

Some Family2Go time, Happy2GoTravels to one of the many lantern festivals around Korea

Something Healthy, no problem, rent a bike and enjoy a tour of the city.

History repeats itself, Jinju Yeudong Ho (Lantern ) festival. A Festival of Lights and vibrant colors all day and night during the month of October

Want2go to a costume party ... take a plane to Busan and Bus to Jinju, we got your back

Feathered friends, mud festivals, music festivals we have it all

Painted ladies, mask dances, traditional arts?


Jinju lantern festival, SEOUL lantern festival, and many more, like to take photos, we can get you there.

Not all Elephants are built equal

Like some fantasy, dragons are here and so should you be but don't forget your camera.

Nature more your thing, like2hike, Happy2go can get you there.

There are mountains for the beginner and some for the expert.


Or maybe you like the elliptical stepper in the gym, we'll come check out our steps ...

(See the steps in the mountain top)

seasons2go? See the abundance of colored leaves falling during October and November

Waterfalls4su then Happy2go

Need a helping hand, Homigot near Pohang can help you out.


christian2go we even have that covered too.


the unusual, Korea certainly has that

Just take a rest, believe it or not there is even time for that.

Hear the bells, we have Gongs for you

디아크 The Arc (Daegu)

Need a description, can't find words to describe it, we can help this is the Arc in Daegu. Walk or rent an electric scooter and ride around the park.

Temples, beautiful decorations and a stroll in nature. korea has more than 1200 around the country, some of the larger temples will let you share their breakfast and lunch. Happy2go ? We can help

Daegu - Youngnamdam Jeilgwan

by night is spectacular for the selfie or creative photographer in you.

Pagyesa, Palgonsan

Seasons in the mountains, it seems no matter where you go, where you start all roads (or hiking trails) start from the temple.

Illumia near Busan

Down2Earth, Happy2Go, Illumia illuminations near Busan will satisfy all your Selfie sensations

Tunnel of love

I Love You, a selfie paradise

Horses for courses, Illumia gets you there


Need somewhere to stay, we have hotels


As the sunsets, there is no reason to give up

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