Galley Grocery and Ship Yard Healthy food, healthy people

The Galley Grocery on Bragg Street was established in 2014 to provide low cost groceries in the South Park area.

This area was considered a food desert since most residents did not have transportation and the closest grocery store was 6.7 miles away.

The Galley Grocery provides an avenue to independence and dignity, allowing residents to shop for their own food and giving them a safe place to fellowship.

Food is donated by churches and other organizations and purchased by Ship Outreach.

The Galley Grocery has created a wholesome gathering place in the neighborhood and has helped to transform the atmosphere from dangerous and riddled with crime to welcoming and safe.

Next door to the Galley Grocery is the Ship Yard. During his visits to the local prison, Chris noticed that inmates were free from drugs and worked hard to be in shape lifting weights.

Chris believed that if he could provide a way for residents in his neighborhood to work out, eat healthy, and grow strong, they would gain confidence and self discipline which would translate to motivation to work and care for their families.

The Ship Yard is open to the community free of charge and offers weight lifting instruction, nutrition counseling, and youth weight lifting camps with competitions.


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