Medieval Torture Devices By: hannah Reeves

Ordeal By Fire~ The accused had to pick up a red hot iron bar and walk 3-4 paces. They would then get their had bandaged and return to the court later. If the wound showed signs of healing they were innocent, if not they were guilty.

Ordeal by Combat~ Noblemen would fight to the death with their accuser, the person to win would turn out to be right.

Trial by Jury~ A jury of 12 people chosen by villagers would collect evidence to help pronounce if they were guilty or not, if found guilty they got to choose the punishment.

Kings Court~ This court dealt with people who committed murder, assault, and treason. They would then put you to the test of an ordeal to pronounce you guilty or innocent.

Ordeal by Water~ The accused had their hands and feet tied together. They were then thrown into water, floating meant they were guilty, sinking meant innocent.

Ducking Stool~ The offender would be strapped to a chair and then the chair would be tied to the end of a pole. The chair would then be dunked into a river/pond as their punishment.


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