1st Grade @ WCDS 2019-2020 It's Possible Here!

Remote learning reading group!
Virtual math- create a shape!!!
Three little pig houses
What a strong straw house!
New and improved stick house
Open Mic
Cougar Buddy painting!
Bridge building
Building a troll bridge
We love puzzles
It’s snowing!
Happy Valentine’s Day
100 bead necklace
100 solo cup challenge!
Entertaining friends
Science challenge!
Martin Luther King,Jr activity

Guest appearance with Brynn’s mom

Penguin waterproofing
Penguin waterproofing
Penguin waterproofing
Christmas party!
Ornament creation
More Christmas fun
It’s party time!
Watching the rehearsal!
Where’s the snow?
Gingerbread Bump
Catch the dice!
Who’s going to get bumped?
Fun Raiser
Fun Raiser
Our Newest Chefs
Singing in the rain
Pogo challenge
Ride Em cowboy!
Rainbow Fish
Story time
Place value exploration
More place value
Place value
Place value
Place value
Star of the week Makabe with Captain
Rainbow fish
Rainbow Fish
Rainbow Fish
Nature Walk
Nature walk
Nature Walk
Our first Reader’s Theater!
Writer’s Workshop circle time
Urban Mobile Playground fun!
Pajama Day!

Grandparents Day

September 3-6

Using CO2 to blow the bubble for us!

Aug 26-30th