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"The world needs more clean rap music. We need female rap role models for our kids to look up to. We need women and girls to feel more empowered. We need this more now than ever." Mommy Rapper
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Media Contact: Kellie DeMarco Communications, kellie@kelliedemarco.com 916-747-3231


SACRAMENTO, CA and VANCOUVER, BC (April 23, 2020) -- A California mother of four from Vancouver, BC who goes by Mommy Rapper is releasing her original rap album entitled “Clean Rap Songs” to inspire Moms and families during the Covid-19 quarantine.

This Mother’s Day, Mommy Rapper wants to recognize all the Moms who are working tirelessly to provide for their families during the pandemic. At a time when Moms are pushed to work from home, homeschool their children and keep the family afloat, this Sacramento Mom is offering hope to others like her.

Watch the Tik Tok themed music video for “Mutha” here.

Mommy Rapper is available for interviews before Mother’s Day via online streaming.

Mommy Rapper’s mission is to create clean rap songs that contain uplifting messages. The album contains dance-worthy rap tracks, each with empowering messages. She has previously released 5 singles and has recreated famous rap songs by making them clean, like Cardi B’s “I Like It” here.

“My lead single “Mutha" illustrates the life of mothers, the many hats we wear, our value in society and that we are wise and intelligent. The song breaks some of the stereotypes associated with moms that we wear sweats and don’t have much to say.” says Mommy Rapper.

With its Tik-tok style beat, “Little Girl” empowers young girls to keep their head up even when they have it rough. “No More” is for people who want to change their life but find themselves stuck in old ways. “I’m Boss” empowers mothers to build their dream and make sure their kids know mommy’s boss, not the other way around.

Sample the “Clean Rap Songs Vol 1” album here.

Media Contact: Kellie DeMarco, kellie@kelliedemarco.com 916-747-3231

About Mommy Rapper:

Mommy Rapper writes, records and produces clean rap songs rated E for Everyone. She is a professional rap artist with a mission to create commercial rap music that uplifts and inspires women, mothers and girls. Her mission began in 2012 when she realized she couldn’t play commercial rap music in front of her four daughters without explicit lyrics and demeaning messages. Visit www.mommyrapper.com for more info.



Originally from Toronto, Canada and now residing in Sacramento, California, Mommy Rapper (Monica Morong) is a clean rapper and pop artist who isn't afraid to speak her truth. Mommy Rapper believes that people in positions of fame and popularity have a social and moral responsibility to be role models that inspire and uplift children. The music industry needs more commercial rap artists who create clean music without swearing, vulgarity, sexual innuendos, glamorizing drugs, alcohol and sex.

Mommy Rapper grew up in the 90's listening to rappers from every corner of the US and would often freestyle at the bus stop with her friends. She even performed Run DMC's "Christmas in Hollis" at age 12 for her entire school! Her joy in being on stage led to her being accepted to a school for the performing arts in Toronto where she majored in Drama for 5 years.

When it came to apply for university, she listened to the "voice" of her father that said making a living in acting is hard and a "soft" career, so she enrolled as a Political Science major thinking perhaps she would become a lawyer. After graduating with an Honors B.A. she decided to start working in the real world. Her passion for acting took a back seat for many years while she thought that climbing the corporate ladder was the right thing to pursue.

After being married for a few years, Mommy Rapper became a mother in 2007! And again in 2008, 2013 and one more time in 2019. She now has four, beautiful girls ages 1-13 with her husband, Sean.

It was one, fateful day in 2012 that she began to ask what her purpose was outside of being a mother, PR consultant and wife. During a women's event in Vancouver, BC she asked, "why am I here and what am I supposed to be doing with my life?" She heard the answer loud and clear: "Create Clean Rap Music." Woah.

In 2012, after pursuing a 7-year long career in marketing and public relations, Mommy Rapper obeyed the voice and slowly began to reconnect with her rap roots and resurrect her childhood passion of writing rhymes. Her disappointment in the lack of clean rap songs in commercial music was the catalyst to her decision to be the change she wanted to see instead of just complaining about it with other parents.

In 2013 Mommy Rapper decided it was time to raise some capital on Kickstarter to support her vision. She raised $8,000 and launched two singles at the end of 2014. Her first single was titled "Day Away" and is about her dream day off and the second track "Face The Music" discusses the effects of song lyrics on our youth.

After relocating from Vancouver, BC to Sacramento, CA in 2014, Mommy Rapper worked with a local producer and launched her first U.S. track called "Beauty Queen." The song is about the redefinition of a beauty queen as one who paves her own lane and feels great about being herself. She subsequently hired another producer and released 5 additional singles titled "This Life" "Favorite Fam" "Doin' My Own Thing" "TEAM" and most recently "I'm Boss."

Mommy Rapper is currently focusing on growing her brand as a clean, commercial rap artist, building her YouTube Channel, recording more original music and breaking into the music industry with her niche, clean rap brand. Her dream is to write and record music with companies like Disney and Nickelodeon, whom she believes have a vision and mission aligned with hers: to provide children and families with clean entertainment.

Mommy Rapper is investing every spare moment and dollar outside of raising 4 girls with her soulmate, Sean, into her vision of making an impact for children, women and moms and being a clean rap political activist.

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Kellie DeMarco Communications kellie@kelliedemarco.com 916-747-3231

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