Erie Hack Finalists will compete on June 20th, 2019 in Cleveland for a shot at winning a share of $100k.

You can help us choose the most exciting technology that will have lasting impacts on our waters! If you see a team you like, vote for them in the Cleveland Water Alliance's People's Choice Award. The team with the most votes will get a guaranteed spot in the Final competition.

Keep scrolling to learn about the teams before they take the big stage on June 20th.


The members of Team CCTronic grew up in a country where water is not available as a natural resource. When they moved to a city on a Great Lake, they thought their water problems would be over. They learned about the challenges facing Lake Erie and how deeply these affect the surrounding community. So they came up with 'cHorizon' to help farmers preserve soil and extract nutrients from the water before it reaches the lake; giving the lake a better chance to heal.


Blue Lion Labs was founded on the belief that everyone deserves to know if their water is safe to drink. They are building a microscope powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that locates and identifies algae in a water sample. With this technology, water treatment plants can analyze water samples on-site, saving valuable time and money. Their vision is that this technology be used worldwide to help organizations determine if their water is safe to drink.


CazWest is a team of Buffalo innovators that have developed SMS-based chatbots and analytical dashboards to help decentralize the process of storm and wastewater data collection. Their toolkit, “The Wastewater Warehouse,” allows individuals, businesses, and governments to access, explore, and participate in the collection and management of data related to wastewater.


The goal of Team S4 is to reduce nutrient loading into bodies of water that experience harmful algal blooms (HABs) by addressing the problem at the source: fertilizers applied to agricultural fields. Team S4 will build an automated spectroscopic robot to analyze phosphorous and nitrogen concentrations in agricultural drainage ditches, buffer zones, and cover crops. The resulting 3D chemical maps will enable optimization of these nutrient traps.


TACSO=Trap and Contain Stormwater Objects is good riddance to trash going into Lake Erie! After a storm, our highways, streets, parking lots send huge amounts of stormwater that ends up in our lake. An eyesore, a heath hazard, our invention is 'let's trap this crap' with a unique trap invention. TACSO contains and removes this junk at the onset.


Erie-Duction is a team of John Carroll students using is a phosphorus filtration system that will be implemented into farm drainage tiles. They will build wing walls around these drainage tiles and implement a replaceable porous block which acts as a membrane for ochre, a clay like mineral from runoff of coal mining sites.


UWin is a team of University of Windsor students that are using drone technology coupled with cutting-edge imaging hardware and hydrodynamic modeling to provide high resolution, dynamic intelligence on water quality. Their novel approach allows for imaging in tributaries, now-casting and forecasting of a variety of parameters, backward tracking of contamination and citizen science applications.


Timely monitoring of algal toxins in Lake Erie determines if drinking and recreational waters are safe for people to use. We currently rely on manual analysis of water samples to do this, which prevents monitoring in real-time. The team proposes accelerating monitoring by automating the analysis with machine learning.


Photodynamica brings new efficient low-cost technology to harvest sun light for water remediation. Their idea is to develop and produce an efficient water floating material which is solar active. This activated material produces reactive species, which kills the cyanobacteria and its associated toxins.

Erie Hack is a program of Cleveland Water Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to identifying and accelerating exciting freshwater technologies that can have lasting impacts on our waters, economy, and community.

Erie Hack Lead Sponsors include Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, Oatey, Xylem, Inc, and Digital C.

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