The journey of the water droplet Bob the water droplet

I began my incredible journey as water molecule in the deep dark ocean. It is hard for me in the ocean because I just keep moving to new places. One day I started to rises up into the sky and it was weird to move up in the sky.

Bob and his friends going into the clouds.

When I was going up I was getting all squashed with by all of my friends. When I was riseing up I found some of my friends that I went to school and they were awesome to see again. When I was rising up I was going through condensation. It is fun but not because I got separated my from my family. That was a sad day for me but I got to see my friends.

The clouds are moving I was over a lake. My friends have be very slow and they can not catch up. All I want is to see my family right now.

It's raining

Me and my friends hear a loud noise "boom!" Goes the thunder. They all get scared and they start falling to the ground now they are going through precipitation. I get into the lake and it fills so much better to be in the water.

When I was in the water I met a fish named Jeff. I asked " Jeff were are you from?" Jeff replied " I have all was live right here." I explain that "I always were moving to different places." Jeff and me were playing in the water when the sky got dark and the clouds came over the lake. I know what was going to happen. I was going up into the clouds again.

After I was in the clouds we started to move to some place that is not here. I hope that we are going to the ocean so I can see my family.

We are moving over to the ocean and I will get to see my family. When we get back to the ocean.

Freinds and bob

We are going back into the ocean. I was with my friends at the time. All I want is to see my family I can see them.

Bob is in the middle and his mom is at the top.

My family is all back together. They all accumulated in the ocean together. This is as awesome as meeting Jeff. My family loves to be In the water. Also we love to be together. I asked "Mom are you here I can't see you." mom replied " I'm right here at the top." I said "Okay Mom it's nice to see you." mom replied "nice to see you to." "Mom I love you as much as a flower." It is awesome to be with my family.

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