Sir Adam Beck student clubs By luna gr.5

About the clubs

In Sir Adam Beck junior school we have 5 clubs for our hole school. We have some clubs for younger students and older students. Here are all of the clubs with descriptions so you can start it at your school!

Stem Club

Stem club is a club for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math all at the same time. We get to program robots and do other other cool stuff like building a truck on a 3D builder program and printing it! A couple of students from the stem club went to Ed Tech and they got to represent Microsoft with robots/ozobots. We also are going to try and make a bridge in late 2017. This club involves lots of thinking. You also need to be very focused in this club.

Digital Media Club

In digital media club we are like mini journalists. These different topics that we do on this website is from digital media club. We have so much fun doing this for our school. We come hear every week on Thursdays. Each week we come and work all lunch. We each have a topic to right about. It takes us about 3 to 5 weeks to finish it. We also have lunch in this room so that we can work extra hard. It is a very fun process because we can wright about any thing we like.

Book Club

Every Friday our school has a book club. We go to the library at 11:50 and it ends at 12:20. We also have the silver birch club. It is during the book club but we have a bunch of books that are chosen to be apart of the club and we read them all. When we finish reading 5 books close at the end of the club we get to vote for our favorite author. Whatever author wins they get an award and tons of recognition. We also get a special guest (an author) to read one of there silver birch books. At the end there is a tree of silver leaves that tell how much books you read. The tree stays there for one hole year. I personally love this club


  • Spanish club is for grade 5 only. It is very fun. We always learn a new Spanish words and phrases. Mme Warburton is the club inventor. She is the one that teaches us all the Spanish words and phrases. It is every last recess on Thursdays.

Sewing club

Sewing club is every Mondays at lunch. We get to sew clothes and beds for our dolls or stuffies. Sewing club is run by Mme Kitayagorara. It is really fun.

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