Roller coaster project :Moath

Design brief

The hole point of the project is to make a roller coaster for a marble. It would not be just a plain roller coaster it would have loops, 180 degrees turns and higher,corckscrews and many more but cant have an airborne. In the roller coaster you should be able to make the marble land in a cup in the first try and want to take as much time in the roller coaster as you can. If you get all these in the roller coaster then your good.


Constraints: you should be done with the roller coaster in two weeks on feb24th. The roller can't be bigger then 3x3 But the path of the marble can go past. The roller coaster can't be held when in use it has to hold its self. The roller coaster also has to be portable.

This is the idea matrix.

Disign of roller coaster.


What I learned?

First of all teamwork. I learned how to work with others and get stuff done. In the roller coaster we had to find out how it would look and what is it gonna be about. It was really hard we were able to get it. Then we had to make the roller coaster but we learned that some parts needs a little support to keep it up. And then it's the tricks it was really hard to make because it keeps falling and the marble keeps getting stuck in the tap but we thincked untile we got it.


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