The ABC's of Africa By: Mang tial

A- Africa

  • Africa is the second largest continent in the world
  • Africa was once apart of the large super continent called Pangea

B- Berber

  • Lived in many places more than others
  • Spread languages westward from Nile to the Sahara.
The Berber people

C-Congo RIver

  • Forms continents largest network of navigable waterways.
  • It's the key to the economic development of the African interior.

D- Dogon Tribe

  • Known for their religious traditions
  • The Dogon country is Mali's major tourist attractions


  • Splits the African countries like the North and the South
  • It gives tropical climates and different types

F-Fulani Tribe

  • The largest nomadic group in the world
  • Their cattle's are most important and they spread Islam and continued to conquer West Africa.

G-Ghana Empire

  • First trading empire of Western Africa
  • Region lies just south of the Sahara desert and is mostly savanna grasslands


  • Many use it for shelter like homes
  • Keeps the people warm, out of the cold.


  • One of the great 3 monotheistic religions
  • Found all around the world but mainly found in the Middle East and North Africa.


  • They are home to many of the biggest and dangerous animals
  • They're unique and different from other countries and states

K-Kalenjin Tribe

  • It belongs to the Nilotic tribe
  • They're renowned on a national and international level for their athletic prowess.

L- Lake Victoria

  • A lake in Africa named after Queen Victoria
  • One of the greatest lakes in Africa


  • Mali is the eighth largest country
  • The largest in West Africa

N-Nile River

  • It's a major north-flowing river in northeastern Africa
  • It's the longest river in the world

O-Oromo Tribe

  • They have been living in the Horns of Africa
  • They're one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa


  • It was a super continent that existed during the Paleozoic
  • It was surrounded by a single ocean called "Panthalassa"


  • It's the central religious text of Islam
  • It's divided into chapters which are then divided into verses


  • They're used for trade routes
  • Used for agriculture

S-Sahara Desert

  • The largest hot desert
  • The third largest in the world after Antarctica and the Artic


  • It's historical and still inhabited city in Africa
  • The greatest academic and commercial center in the world


  • The wild life contains chimpanzee along with rare birds
  • Remote Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a renown mountain


  • Tourists can experience first hand traditional ways of life in Africa
  • Hydro electric power is the primary source


  • The vineyard of the Western Cape has been producing wine since the 17th century
  • The wine lands are set in magnificent Cape mountain scenery


  • Located in Eastern Cape
  • It's also a stream in Eastern Cape


  • Bantu language in Africa
  • language spoken to communicate with others in Africa

Z-Zambezi River

  • Fourth longest river in Africa
  • Longest east flowing river in Africa and largest flowing into Indian ocean

Below are extra pictures of Africa!


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