Non-Fiction By: Tyler Heidbrink

What is Non-Fiction?

Non-Fiction is a writing that is based on facts, real events, and real people. Some forms of Non-Fiction are Biography's and Historical writing.

Other Text Features

Most Non-Fiction books include text features. Tables, captions, diagrams, glossaries, headings, graphs, and pictures are all examples of text features. Text features our used to help the reader understand the text more.

Text Features

Many Historical Non-Fiction books include timelines. Non-Fiction books also include an index to tell you what page certain things are on.


A Non-Fiction text should NEVER include opinions. It should always include facts and true information.


Watch out! Some newspaper articles can be biased and even have opinions.


Magazines are considered Non-Fiction but beware, many magazines are biased and have opinions in them. Be aware of the sources from magazines.

Jackie Robinson

One of my favorite Non-Fiction books ever is "I Never Had it Made". This book tells the story of Jackie Robinson's life. Jackie was the first black player in the MLB. He is an inspiration to many people today.

The difference

The biggest difference between fiction and Non-Fiction is that Fiction isn't real and Non-Fiction is real.

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