Mindset Recognizing and Revising Self-Talk Patterns

I seek motivation by reading quotes and graphics like these. It is important to always keep a positive mindset.

Identifying My Inner Voices

Inner Critic: Our inner critic conducts constant self-criticism to prepare us for potential outside criticism. The inner critic inside of us judges, blames, complains, and demeans us to help us avoid possible punishment and avoid being uncomfortable.

My Inner Critic Experience: In the past, I have definitely been my worst critic. I have blamed myself, complained about myself, and demeaned myself over my failures. I would be so hard on myself that I would hold myself back from doing certain things because I was so afraid of failure and the scrutiny that would come with it.

Inner Defender: Our inner defender is more about judging others with the intention of fending off criticism and punishment from powerful others. This voice comes from a scared and confused mindset.

My Inner Defender Experience: I have experienced the inner defender voice before by blaming my professors and blaming certain people in my personal life for my failures. I would tell myself that I was not at fault but the people around me were keeping me from being successful. I would use this mechanism to make myself feel better about not putting in the proper effort to be successful.

Inner Guide: The inner guide offers an objective and wise perspective about ourselves and the people around us. The inner guide provides us with a more positive outlook, while working toward solutions. The inner guide tells the absolute truth, allowing us to be fully conscious of ourselves and the people surrounding us.

My Inner Guide Experience: I think that I have done a pretty good job so far this semester (spring 2017) with using my inner guide to keep myself on track. I have told myself that I have to have a more positive mindset and to stay on track throughout the semester. I am being very truthful with myself and I am critiquing myself in a positive way. I now know that it is okay to fail but I need to learn from my failures and proceed in the right direction after failing.



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