All Saints CE Primary School 5th March 2021 newsletter

A message from Mrs Palmer

We are delighted to be welcoming you all back on Monday 8th March. Please be assured that whilst we are looking forward to a bit of normality, we understand that the last few months have been anything but normal. We know there will be some anxiety around coming back and we will be concentrating on settling back in and looking after our well-being in the first weeks especially.

We are more aware than ever of the toll that Covid-19 has had on us all. From the grief families have suffered, to the range of events we have missed out on and the support, love and contact with friends and family that we so desperately need and can't access. However, we appreciate that our sacrifices are contributing to the greater good and preventing this virus from further ravaging through families and communities.

Staff here are proud to play their part in the country's recovery. We also agree that children's mental health has suffered greatly through lack of interaction and we are truly excited to have them all back next week. We were all acutely aware, as we took our lateral flow tests this week, how fragile the set up is though, and how one action could burst a bubble. We have many actions and measures in place to try to ensure this does not happen and staff are being extra vigilant outside of school to not put themselves at risk of contracting the virus and bringing it into school.

We appeal to you to ensure you are also playing your part and to ask you to show respect for the staff and other families your children are now coming into contact with. I am saddened to say that it has been brought to my attention that some families are not following lockdown rules and I would like to remind you of them:

More information about our plans and risk mitigation from next week can be found on our website- click below to be taken there.

Thank you, as always for your ongoing support.

Mrs P

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Year 1 children at school have been thinking about their friends at home and looking forward to being reunited next week.

25 Years Service- Mrs Oussia

We are incredibly proud to say that Mrs Oussia has worked at All Saints for 25 years!

On 9th January 2021, Mrs Oussia achieved 25 years service with Leicestershire County Council, Federation of All Saints and Sharnford Church of England Primary Schools and Inspiring Primaries Academy Trust.

During these years Mrs Oussia has worked with many children and with her help their learning experience has been a happy and positive one.

Mrs Oussia also worked in our school kitchen for the School Food Support Team. We would not like to guess how many meals she has helped to cook!

Thank you so much Mrs Oussia for your long service and commitment to All Saints Church of England Primary School!

We have organised some treats for Mrs Oussia to try to show her how special she is to us, but would love to hear some of your comments and memories too. Please feel free to email the school office or send them via Facebook Messenger.

Active Challenge!

Maisy-Rose has won our super Active Challenge on Strava which encouraged you to get out and about. Maisy-Rose planned her route carefully to create this super picture. Well done! Enjoy your prize :)

Who Inspires You? - Letter writing competition

Lana and Esme are the winners of our recent handwriting competition. Last month, I challenged you all to pen a handwritten letter to tell me who inspires you. Lana and Esme got full marks for presentation and content. Lana was inspired by two great authors- William Shakespeare and Enid Blyton, while Esme wrote about her very patient and fun Nana who never complains!

Well done both, fabulous writing and thoughts. Prizes will be on their way to you soon!

Do you need a bit of extra support this Easter?

If so, we are here to help!

Following the hardships of 2020, the start of the year has been financially challenging for many and some are still struggling to provide food for their families especially during school holidays.

You are not alone.

We would love to help you and your family, by delivering an Easter food hamper or a simple Easter card and gift. This is a joint venture by the churches in Sapcote and Sharnford with the primary schools and the Hinckley Area Foodbank, for families and people in our community.

1) You can nominate your family for an Easter hamper

If an Easter hamper would provide your family with the support needed to help you enjoy the Easter holidays, all you need to do is fill in the form on the link below.

2) You can nominate a neighbour or a family in the village for an Easter hamper

If you know of a neighbour or a family in the village who would welcome an Easter hamper then please nominate them by following the link below.

3) You can nominate someone in the village for a simple card and small flower gift

If you know of someone in the village feeling isolated and lonely who would welcome a simple card and small flower gift to show that they are not alone, you can also nominate them by following the link below.


Please complete the form by 12th March at the latest.

Let’s bring hope and love this Easter

Please note that any returned forms will be destroyed after the delivery so your details will not be kept to be GDPR compliant.

World Book Day

We had the most amazing time yesterday celebrating World Book Day. It was so lovely to see everyone joining in with activities both in person and virtually.

Our Reading Café ran for over 6 hours, with over 40 books, extracts and poems being read by different members of staff. WOW! Reading the children's comments in the chat box was brilliant- it was so nice to read that some of you were off to order a new book after being inspired by one you heard!

The Story Jars were incredibly creative and impressive. Lots of care and attention had been taken and the result was brilliant!

The winners of the Story Jar Competition are.....

Millan and Harris!

Millan created a "Supertato" scene, while Harris depicted "The Midnight Gang" in his jar. Both jars were full of handmade details that the boys had clearly worked hard on themselves. Well done both! Mrs Palmer will be in touch with a certificate and for you to pick a book prize!

Click on the button below to hear some of our children reading their favourite stories as part of our "We Are Storytellers" activity.

We also had some excellent outfits on display!

A huge thank you to our Literacy Lead Mrs Allen for organising the day


Next week will be fantastic for two reasons; not only are we all coming back to school, but it's British Science Week! This year the theme is "innovation" and ordinarily, at this time, we would be spending a whole week exploring Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in that theme. However, this year we will be exploring this all the way up until Easter. We will be looking at Innovators, designing ideas, reflecting on what the world might look like in 2050 and writing a diary pretending we are from that future, looking back on today. If you want to take part at home, please follow the ink below.


Year 5/6 Science

The Year 5 & 6 children recently demonstrated the process of pollination as a role-play this week, taking on the role of flowering plants and insect pollinators (with balls for pollen!) Looks like they had a great time!

Science in Little Acorns

The Little Acorns have been investigating floating and sinking in their science activities recently.

They investigated items around the classroom- thinking about their shape, size, weight and density before predicting whether the item would float or sink. Amazing discussion and predictions!

Later in the week, the children - both at home and at school - began designing and making their own boats. They found things to use as bases, masts and sails. Lots of these fabulous creations floated too!

Rivers with year 3/4

We have been learning about rivers and we built a meander out of lego. A meander is a big river with bends that go very wide and bendy. Normally rives go wider and wider and they travel from the source into the sea. We were given task to show how meanders and oxbow lakes work. We made it out of lots of lego and we made massive meanders. Then we made a horseshoe shape facing the meanders, but we didn't build them together we did them next to each other.

By Isla and Riley

Luca's river with source and mouth- created in Minecraft!
Rhys' Geography

WOW- so many birthdays to celebrate!

Happy Birthday this time goes to...

Joshua in Little Acorns

Alaia, Jacob and Fearne in Year 1

Isabel and Ellis in Year 2

Charlie, Evie-Lou and Honor-Faith in Year 3

Joshua J and Keira in Year 5

Kian and Isaac in Year 6

Willow Class Wellbeing Artwork

Willow class have used some of their wellbeing time creating these fantastic drawings based on the work of Rob Biddulph. Rob was the World Book Day Illustrator last year. If you would like to have a go- take a look at his YouTube channel by clicking the link below.

Flotsam work by Birch and Willow

Birch and Willow Class have been enjoyed a wordless book called Flotsam by David Wiesner. It tells the story of a magical camera which was washed up on the shore.

The classes first started exploring the word Flotsam. They investigated some items which were washed up on a beach and began creating characters for the people who might have lost these things. If you want to watch the video which inspired them, then click below.

These are some of the fabulous character descriptions the children came up with based on the possessions.

In the book Flotsam, we see a series of underwater worlds caught by this magical camera. Year 6 drafted some fabulous fantasy underwater descriptive writing inspired by this, such as this example from Harry A:

and this amazing example from Connor...

This is a competition for 100 children to win a £20 Book Token

The top 10 then also win the opportunity to conduct a Zoom interview with a global sporting star. We already have Paula Radcliffe, Alistair Brownlee, Mark Selby, Mark Williams & more.

Young Sporting Wonders will have those interviews professionally edited and do our best to get them on air!

Health and Wellbeing

Dear Parents / Carers,

Wrap Around Care with Conkers


Covid test kits for parents

The DFE announced recently that all households with primary and secondary school and college age children, and childcare and support bubbles, will be encouraged to start regular twice-weekly testing as schools return. Tests will be available for adults in these households to collect from the 1st March. As with student testing, this is encouraged but not mandatory. A secondary PCR test will be required for positive lateral flow tests which are taken at home, either through at home PCR testing or at a local PCR testing site.

Getting a rapid test is quick and convenient. The expanded regular testing offer for people without symptoms will be delivered through: testing in-person via workplace testing; local authority test sites; collection at a local PCR test site during specific test collection time windows and a new home ordering service, which was launched on 1 March, allowing people to order lateral flow tests online to be delivered to their home.


Please note that tests will not be given out by the school. Thank you.

Useful Dates

Spring Term

Monday 22nd February to Friday 26th March 2021

Summer Term

School opens for Summer Term - Monday 12th April

Parents Consultations via Zoom or Phone Call- 14th and 15th April. Information for booking to follow soon.

Closed for May Day on Monday 3rd May

School closes for May Half Term- Friday 28th May

School reopens for Summer 2- Monday 7th June

School closes for Summer Break -Friday 9th July


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