Matale Rebellion By: raymond scribano

The Matale Rebellion is a perfect example of an attempted revolution. It can be considered an attempt of a revolution because the rebellion demonstrates Sir Lanka's search for Political, Economical, and Social change.
The Matale Rebellion takes place in Sir Lanka, a small island off the coast of Inda, were most of the population is Buddist
The people of Sir Lanka were taken advantage of by the British. The British took their resources. The Matales were fighting to free themselves of the unwanted British rule. This rebellion was lead by Gongalegoda Banda. unfortunately the Matales lost is because the lacked sufficient weapon and manpower witch lead to a quick defeat.
Politically the people of Sir Lanka were fighting for freedom over British rule and wanted to drive the British out of their country.
Economically The matales were fighting to stop the British from taking their resources, causing their economy to fall. Since the Matales were under British rule they were also affected by British own economic depression. It is said on Wikipedia, "An economic depression in the United Kingdom had severely affected the local coffee and cinnamon industry" those industries were among the most profitable in Sir Lanka.
The matale rebellion sought to change their society by kicking the Christian invaders out of their country and allowing the natives to freely practice Buddhism and peace across their nation. On the Wikipedia source, it states, "He (Gongalegoda Banda) asked the people whether they were on the side of the Buddhists or the British."


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