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My love of photography began with photos of our eight children. Capturing cherished moments of family and friends became more than just a hobby and I opened my first studio in Cedar Rapids. Life took us to Texas where I served the Fort Worth/Mid Cities area as a Lifestyle Photographer. Throughout my career I gained experience in design as clients had unique projects and requests.

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“As a photographer, my goal is to express stories and capture unfiltered life through sharing images. My main focus is always the natural beauty, details, and innocent emotion of every moment, place, and individual I photograph.”
As God directs, we take our lenses and capture the beauty in people and places around the world.


Travel photography is the art of capturing the landscape, people, customs, culture, and/or history of a particular place.

“There is so much to see in the world! I love to travel. I love to photograph new places.”

Lifestyle photography is the art of capturing real life moments during special events and every day occurrences.

“It’s the natural and simple moments I most adore. I love behind the scene images that capture real emotion, true personality, and the beauty within relationships.”

A Lifestyle portrait session might look like a couple hours in your home, photographing everyday routines, family traditions, hobbies, following you at work, a walk in the park, or visiting your favorite coffee shop.


I shoot both digital and analog.

Email me at hello@tiffanielloydphotography.com for information about scheduling a lifestyle session, or hiring me for your next event.

Stock Photos

I keep a supply of stock images and am always ready to click some more for your next project.


I design a variety of print and digital media, branding, handmade and custom products.


Email me at hello@tiffanielloydphotography.com

‎לְאֻ֫מִּ֥ים יִֽשְׂמְח֥וּ וִֽירַנְּנ֗וּ


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