Leonardo of Pisa AKA: Fibonacci

He was born in Pisa, Italy. He Grew up under a North African education and travelled extensively around the Mediterranean Coast where he met many merchants and learned their arithmetic systems. He was the greatest mathematician of the Middle Ages.

He wrote Liber Abaci, the first European book of Indian and Arabic Mathematics where he mentioned Hindu-arabic numeral system and horizontal bar notation for fractions

Introduces the problem of the rabbits which consists of:

"A certain man had one pair of rabbits together in a certain enclosed place, and one wishes to know how many are created from the pair in one year when it is the nature of them in a single month to bear another pair, and in the second month those born to bear also."

By this he introduces the fibonacci sequence, consisting of adding the previous number to the next number in the sequence and you will get the next number

Before Fibonacci introduced the sequence, it had already been discussed by Indian scholars interested in rhythmic patterns

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