Syrian Revolution By ; Savannah Roberson

The challenges I was struggling with were to find out why Syria didn't like there president. Something huge that really sparked something to me was the kids painting on their school wall and being arrested for doing so. I originally studied this revolution to find out why the kids were beaten and killed for painting on their school wall.

Incubation Stage :

Incubation Stage The Syrian Civil war started because of the paintings the kids painted on their school wall, which lead to a public protest, the protesting continued while more fuel was poured to the already scorching fire fire because of the failure of the government to the punish the perpetrators.

Symptomatic Stage:

Symptomatic Stage : Lots of protest referring to the dis-likeness of the Syrian president as the protest continued police officers decided to revolt to violence. The Syrian president wanted to strip freedom from his citizens .

Crisis Stage:

I do believe that Syria has entered the Crisis stage For example of why I think that my revolution is in the crisis stage : There are armed tanks that are entering the city of Derra and opened fire on a mosque where some gathered killing six.

I believe the outcome of my revolution will be that there will be a lot of dead innocent people, that only tried to save lives of their families or just lives in general, I believe that the "peace" in Syria will only last for so long.

Syrian vs French Revolution; These revolutions are similar because of all the deaths of citizens. The differences between these revolutions are that one was over the taxes and the other was over teens being beaten and the dislike of their president.

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