Me Myself,and I

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Here is a little video so you can better understand who I am.


This is a collection of meaningful places where I have been. These places are important to me because they are carrying strong memories.

My resume

Displayed here my resume, I can be serious sometimes.


This is a collection of advertisements that I particularly find inspiring and well executed.

How a chicken Mc Nugget saved my life

We all have been through what is called a “blues”. You are sitting on a bench, wondering what is going on with your life. Your “lover” just dumped you for an upgraded version of you, you have gained 5 pounds and you are just asking yourself what’s next. But I have the solution for this kind of mood swing.

Picture this, I am walking alone around the city, watching all these loving couples holding their hands and smiling to each other. Ouch, it hurts. The rain starts falling on my swollen face, the city is getting dark and I still did not found a meaning to my life. I keep walking until I see it. It was like the messiah sending me a sign. On this huge lightened billboard, I could see it, the relief of all my wonders, a box of 10 chicken Mc Nuggets. From this point, I could see the light in the darkness.

So, I am now standing at Mc Donald’s counter full of dreams and hope. There it is, a hot smoking box of chicken Mc Nuggets, standing in my hands waiting to give me the answers. I am now sitting next to the window ready to move forward. It is happening now, while the nugget is melting in my mouth, finally, I can see it, the meaning of life, savoring each bite. At this point all my wonders were gone, and I felt alive for the first time of my life. I don’t know if I am supposed to reveal this publically, but chicken Mc Nuggets are the answer you are looking for. I hope next time you will be drowning in your own doubts you will find the light as I did. Don’t worry Mc Donald’s menu is varied, everyone can find its own answers in it.

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Ysora Begotti

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