Intro to Digital Photography p1-17 Rumpelstiltskin

Not Edited photos.
Random Photos: Extra Some are edited some aren't.
Framing: This is my outlook on framing.
Desert: Tropical fruit desert platter
Spiral: This represents my own way of spiral to my eye.
Couple: This represents a couple && best friend.
Macro/Micro: Theses photos represent close up with exellent detail with lighting.

2016 Winter Break Photos

This was my first time driving to Phoenix and by myself on my way to the airport to pick up my Soldier.
Sunsets are not just a beautiful thing to look at it can mean different things to different individuals
Sunsets remind me of my best friend passing away AUGUST 21,2015 James will always be remember and he painted the sky
My Soldier setting up to shoot at our own shooting range

What Kind of photos do you take? Personally taking pictures of nature is what I specifically take interest in , Landscaping objects out of the ordinary.

How do you take your photos? I observe the location before I take the photos and look at the lighting and where the sun is hitting and shining from.

How do you Edit your images? Editing images usually mess with the balances and the lighting and Saturation.

Who do you Share your photos? Family, friends, on social media.

Why is photography so important to you? Photography is important to me because it captures the life of nature and it captures life it's self.

Semester 1 Final Project

Putting together as a team the playlet in the backyard and remodeling it together, sure is one gigantic project that takes time, motivation, and strength as well as patience.

Editing Information:

Exposure Information: I had Exposed 2 out of 3 pictures.

Composition Information:

Cropping Information: I had Cropped 1 picture out of 3 pictures.

Before, During, and After Project: Before I did this project I wanted to have a unique different kind of picture. During I took a bundle of pictures that would show that we are working together as a team, putting up the play set, and taking advantage of the sun. As my lighting, After my project I went to Photoshop and I changed for 2 out of 3 of my pictures the Exposure To more then half way.

Beginning of the Journey to Georgia , flying over the mountains in Arizona.
Flying higher up with the clouds.
Almost THERE it's sunset time with the clouds.
Landing soon Georgia city lights!
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Janel Morales

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