Paint The Wind Book Review By: Brooklen, mms

“Maya. Get your homework started now.” Yelled Maya’s grandmother. Maya didn’t care about homework though. She just wanted to play with her mother’s horse toys, because when Maya was younger her mother died. Maya thought about her mother’s family and how she never saw them, but if she went there, would she make it out alive?

In Pam Mounoz Ryan’s book, Paint The Wind, Maya has a pretty rough life. Inside Maya wanted to know more about her mother, but her mother’s aunt told her about a horse that had belonged to her mother, so Maya went on an adventure to find the horse. Then she realized, she may never make it home.

My favorite part of Paint The Wind is when Maya goes to the doctor and he says, “ you will be fine Maya.” Maya woke up on a different bed than she was use to. She thought where am I? A doctor walked in and said “great news girl! Your fine to go home.” Maya was relieved to hear that! All of my fear went away. This was important because the reader knew she was safe.

However, the life lesson in this book is to always stay positive even if things don’t go your way. It teaches you to keep your head up and to never give up. Maya never gave up with getting home!

The book's greatest value is all of the events are building up to this climactic part. Maya was sitting back on a tree with all kinds of scabs and bites on her. She tried to get up and walk to the cool water, but she hurt so much all over. When she looked around she saw a beautiful tall horse waiting for her to hop on. People who love horses so much will wonder about what will happen to the herd of them! All of the small events will lead up to a huge event that will make you think for most of the chapters. Paint The Wind teaches you to stay positive!

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