The Bark October 2017 - Issue 9

Lots of things to do and see at Candlebark and around our community.

Jane Cahill - Editor In Chief


  • Term Dates 2018
  • What's Happening at Candlebark
  • Gasworks Arts Parks’ Organic Outdoor Sculptural Exhibition
  • The Candlebarkians - Bendigo Bank Fun Run
  • Intergalactic Candlebark Fashion Week - 13-17 November 2017
  • Grade 1/2Z bird exhibition
  • Rental House needed
  • Community Notices

Term Dates for 2018

  • Term 1: 31 January to 29 March
  • Term 2: 17 April to 22 June
  • Term 3: 16 July to 20 September
  • Term 4: 9 October to 13 December
  • Unlike 2016 and 2017, dates will be the same for both Candlebark and Alice Miller.

What's Happening at Candlebark

  • 8-10 November - Grade 5 Hiking Camp
  • November 14 – Spring Soiree

Gasworks Arts Parks’ Organic Outdoor Sculptural Exhibition

One of our wonderful artists from Arts and Artists Week, Elizabeth van Herwaarden, (who incidentally has been teaching some classes at Candlebark this week) has been working with a group of our students to prepare an exhibit for the Gasworks Arts Parks’ Organic Outdoor Sculptural Exhibition, at the old Gasworks site at Albert Park.

The Exhibition will have its official opening on Saturday 4 November from 3.30 to 5pm. It is described thus "From Nature is a showcase of ephemeral land art that offers visitors a distinctive and unique arts experience. This project has been supported by the Gasworks Patrons and Friends Foundation through the generous donation of the People’s Choice Award and by the City of Port Phillip through the Cultural Development Fund. The Foundation supports artistic projects that have an impact on the Park."

The exhibition will run from November 4 to November 12 only. It would be great if you had a chance to drop in and see the work done by Elizabeth and her students.

The Candlebarkians - Bendigo Bank Fun Run

Hello Candlebark and Alice Miller Community,

Spring has finally sprung, and inspiration to get out and about and exercise is hopefully at a 6 month high!

This year I am entering the Bendigo Bank fun run, with all proceeds going to the Bendigo Hospital. It is on the morning of Sunday the 5th of November and I am hoping to gather a massive cohort of students, families and friends to run with (and motivate!) me. We will be holding training sessions at school on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes (pre-food!) for the first weeks of this term. We've got three weeks to go, and we're aiming for 3-4 training sessions a week.

I know that I found running with thousands of people in the City to Surf in Sydney to be incredibly exciting and inspiring as a child and I would love for as many kids as possible to experience that this year. It is not only available to children of course, and since it is on a Sunday I am hoping that as many of you parents may run or walk the 5 km to inspire (or give the gift of laughter to) your children. You will also need to arrange transport, although if that's a problem I'm sure we can find some seats.

Entry is free for Primary school children, although it apparently costa $8 for the timing chips and administration so if we're going to be less parasitic and assist raise money we need adults and high schoolers too.

There is an option of a 21.1km half marathon relay made up of 4 runners 3 of whom run 5km and one who runs 6.1km. I am going to enter a de Silva team with Chae, Celeste, Laila and me! This option costs $160 but should be an amazing experience.

Check out the website for other options http://www.bendigobankfunrun.com.au/ but when entering make sure that you join the Candlebarkians team when prompted........ Not sure what that will do but let's find out!

See you all for a fit and healthy Spring and Summer.

Warm regards,

Ian de Silva and the Candlebarkians.

Intergalactic Candlebark Fashion Week - 2017

After the International success of the Candlebark Fashion Week 2016, the Fashion Week Committee has decided to go Intergalactic for 2017.

The event will take place at Candlebark from November the 13th to the 17th.

As inspired by the 10 principles of the Burning Man festival in Nevada, this event fosters Radical Self-Expression, Communal Effort and Leave no Trace. Every day, students and staff are invited to dress up according to the theme of the day.

The fashion Week Committee care about the health of our beautiful planet. Did you know that fast fashion is the second dirtiest industry, only coming in behind the oil industry in terms of pollution? At the Fashion Week Committee, we consider our students as the leaders of tomorrow and we encourage them to review the way we live and consume. Thus, we are asking our designers to Reduce/Recycle/Reuse/Rethink/Repurpose in the process of creating their outfit.

As last year, we will reward the most outstanding girl and boy outfit every day with organic fair-trade milk chocolate.

This event is of course completely voluntary. No one should feel pressured to partake in the fun. On the Friday, we will have an Intergalactic catwalk for morning meeting. Feel free to come and watch the show.

Thanks, Steve Pollet

The program for this 3rd Fashion Week will be:

Monday On The Moon

It is Moonday. Park your spaceship, watch the lack of gravity: you are in orbit.

Tutu Tuesday

Arabesque, entrechat, sur les pointes, move with the grace of a Ballet dancer today.

White Wednesday

Is white a color or a shade? How many white things can you name? Come and dress as one.

Transform Thursday

Transform your thoughts and you transform your world. This Thursday, transform yourself.

Fairytales Friday

Dive into the storybooks and be your favourite fairy tale character.

Grade 1/2Z bird exhibition

There is a Bird Week display of some of the grade 1/2 Z beautiful birds that they made last term at the Kyneton library.

- Shaun Dennis

Jasper at the Bird Exhibition

Rental House Needed

A teacher beginning full-time work at Alice Miller next year is looking for a rental home for himself, his wife and their young daughter. They'd ideally like a three bedroom house, but happy with two bedrooms, within driving distance of the school. Preferably on the train line, somewhere between Macedon, Woodend and Kyneton.

Community Notices

Rainbow Picnic - Saturday 28 October

A Candlebark parent has asked us to circulate information about this event:

Music, games, craft making, food, coffee. BYO picnic rug/chair.

Nicole Rowan

Art Exhibition
Summer Basketball Woodend
Spanish Storytime
Woodend Neighbourhood House

Have you heard the buzz about the Dior expo at the NGV? We have and we’re off to see for ourselves what its all about. Come and join us for a great day out. Thursday, 2 November 2017. Hop on the bus at Woodend Tourist Info Centre at 9.15am and be back by 3.15pm. Price includes; bus transport, entry to the exhibition and a private guided tour. Book your seat today www.woodendnh.org.au/dior

It's our favorite Friday of the month - Community Lunch Friday. Come along, it's a great way to meet people and make new friends. We've outgrown the space at the House so we've moved lunch to the RSL at 32 Anslow Street, Woodend. Call to book your seat 5427 1845 or email us. Dates for the rest of the year are - Fridays 17 November and 15 December at midday.

Looking for a gift for that really-hard-to-buy-for friend? Shout them a Day with Dior, a course or a class at the Neighborhood House and give them a gift to remember. See the full range of courses and activities here.

"Woodend Community Bags" are taking the town by storm in a positive step to making Woodend plastic bag free. Drop in on a Thursday between 9am and 2pm and help be part of the change. No sewing experience needed.

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