How will Virtual Reality change education? SXSWedu 2017 Session Proposal


Isn’t learning all about immersion? Diving into the unknown and learning through discovery? Getting your hands dirty in the lab, going on a field trip or building something awesome with classmates. Those are the experiences you learn from and remember 50+ years later. What technology suits this purpose better than virtual reality? Will this technology truly change the world and find its way to classrooms around the world? Or is just a fad and no substitute for real learning?


Will virtual reality change the educational landscape forever?

Will it be an necessity or a novelty?

How can developing countries keep up and narrow the knowledge gap?

Learning Objective 1: Technology and media have the power to take us outside our bodies and outside time. They mesmerise and often addict us, what is the solution?
Learning Objective 2: Many parents who work for high-tech companies like Google, Apple and Yahoo in Silicone Valley ban electronics use. Is Technology a friend or foe?
Learning Objective 3: VR Education is a game changer. How do we use it as a tool of teaching, not as a substitute? and how will it effect children in developing countries?
Salar Shahna, CEO and Co-Founder of the World VR Forum
Gitanjali Sah, Coordinator for WSIS (the World Summit on the Information Society)
Tim Nijland, Founder of TeachVR
Kelly Horton, High School Director - Austin Waldorf School
How much is to much?
Is it vital that teachers become active agents for change, not just in implementing technological innovations, but in designing them too?
Thank you for your consideration . . .

Photo credits to: International Telecommunications Union, World VR Forum, TeachVR, and Waldorf schools

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Clayton Doherty

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