happy camping by: Brianna Raines

For as long as Meredith Brooks could remember she had dealt with a stalker. The same one for over 4 years, in fact.She knew he was always around, but recently he had become very prevalent in her life. She lived with her best friends, but was always worried that her stalker could potentially put her friends lives in danger. There had been quite a few incidents that happened in the past that could’ve lead to a life or death situation. However, Meredith’s stalker was an extremely intelligent person that would never leave any traces behind, so that the police wouldn’t be able to detect that it was him. She was never able to place a restraining order on him due to the lack of evidence they had.

In mid June, Meredith had decided to go camping with her best friends Bella, Amari and Jc for her 20th birthday. They arrived to the woods and settled in a spacious place.

There was a couple that was also camping less than half a mile away from them.

They all had a weird feeling about their surroundings, however, none of them spoke of it. They were about to set up the tent when they heard rustling in the bushes around them.They got a bit frightened and decided to drive down a bit further to a different location in the woods to settle in. The place they chose to set up on was even weirder, but they were too tired to drive further down

They all crashed out in in the tents. One for Meredith and Bella and one for Amari and Jc.

Meredith and Bella were unable to fall asleep so they went on a walk around their campground.

They left Amari and Jc a note that they were going to be going for a walk.

After, they strategically chose which direction they were going to walk towards so they wouldn’t get lost.

At around 4 in the morning, Jc and Amari were woken up with the sounds of sirens getting louder and louder as police units got closer. There were two police units that arrived

The police notified them that they had received a 911 call saying they heard screams that sounded like teenage girls.As the police are describing this to them the detective starts looking around their campsite analyzing every inch of it

The detective introduces herself to Amari and Jc. Her name is Adeline Hunt. She had long brown hair, pure hazel eyes, and freckles. She was 24 years old, so not too far from their age.

Adeline tells them that she noticed there was an empty tent. It hadn’t even dawned on them to check on the girls.

Their faces became flushed when they realized that the screams could’ve been from Meredith and Bella.Adeline also finds the note that they left behind. The boy’s hadn’t even seen it yet because they were startled by the sirens

The police had now declared that space crime scene.

They brought in back up to help search for the girls.

There were no traces of them except a lock of hair that had been purposely placed on a log further away from the campsite

Adeline reassured the boys that she was going to do everything she could to help find their friends. They went to go question the couple that had made the 911 call. They said earlier they had seen a man walking around their camp ground.

They offered him help but he declined. He made it seem as if they were interrupting him as if he were headed somewhere. They described his tone as persistent and eager

She asked the boys questions about Meredith and Bella. Bella had squeaky clean record and no one would have a motive to hurt her. Meredith on the other hand, had a stalker that was utterly obsessed with her and would do anything to make her love him. Amari and Jc were very familiar with Meredith’s stalker. They informed Adeline about Meredith’s stalker and the events that had taken place months before.

She didn’t very much believe them because the stories were obscure and didn’t have enough evidence to make her alleged “stalker” a suspect. After 2 hours of going through the girl’s history and searching the campsite, the police decided to call off the case.

They thought maybe they had just gotten lost, or taken off in their car that they had parked further away, that was no longer there. The police took off and so did Adeline.Adeline almost felt guilty for leaving them without any answers or bringing their friends back to them, but it was not her choice. The police sergeant decided to call it off because they had more important cases to look over.

Amari and Jc figured there was no point in staying at the campsite, so they started to pack their stuff.

About an hour later the police received another 911 call saying some people heard gunshots at the same place near the campground.

The police arrived to see that Amari and Jc had been shot while they were packing.

They found a note that was rolled up very tightly and placed between Jc’s lips that said: “you should’ve looked harder :)”

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