Welcome to Edinboro University Admitted Student Day Online!

Congratulations on being admitted!

Please take a moment to watch the Art Department Promotional Video created by our film students on campus. You can feel the excitement students experience here on campus!

As you know, we have canceled all of our on campus admission events through summer. Instead we have created virtual experiences and events for students and their families. We informally created a Zoom event to congratulate you, welcome you to EU, meet G&ID faculty and some graduating seniors we are very proud of, see student work, learn about our G&ID program, the Beehive, Chimera, and Alumni Success. The above video is repeated in our Zoom so please fast forward about 5 minutes.

G&ID Senior Show '20: As creatives, we rise to meet the unknown. This year, the Graphic & Interactive Design senior show lives virtually and can be accessed here through May 30th, 2020. We are very proud of our graduating students work: https://artspaces.kunstmatrix.com/en/exhibition/797501/m-i-x-e-d-t-y-p-e-gid-senior-show-20

Congratulations to the GID Senior Show award winners:

Gold: Gina Yonko
Silver: Dawson Lion
Bronze: Ruka Moribe

GID Senior Show Honorable Mentions goes to Madelynne Martin, Rachel Aubel, Fabiano Ciminella, Jewell Melissa Morton, and Jess Hewlett.

Fabiano Ciminella
Madelyn Martin

Social Media Check out our Graphic & Interactive Design Instagram posts where we will soon include you! https://www.instagram.com/edinboro_gid/

Newsletter View our Art Department Online Newsletter Create. Collaborate. Connect. by clicking on this link: emailtest.cassreese.com

Don't forget to check out the PPT enclosed in this online newsletter.

Website The Edinboro Art Department is a large, dynamic community of artists. We offer a broad range of studies in the visual arts, both undergraduate and graduate. We value and encourage interdisciplinary study, and we nurture creative expression in a wide variety of media. In addition to Graphic & Interactive Design, you will be able to explore many other complementary art making opportunities. Visit the Art Department Website: https://www.art.edinboro.edu/

14 concentrations in Art

Virtual Admissions We would like to refer you to our Virtual Admissions Experience where you will find everything you need to know to join the Fighting Scots family:


Campus Tour Check out our beautiful campus in this virtual tour at www.edinboro.edu/tour

See you in the Fall!

Feel welcome to contact us to say hi before school starts in the Fall. We look forward to meeting you!

Diane Crandall crandall@edinboro.edu

Shelle Barron sbarron@edinboro.edu

Francis Demaske demaske@edinboro.edu

Cassandra Reese creese@edinboro.edu

Scott Gladd sgladd@edinboro.edu