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Meet Jessamyn!

Jessamyn is a 9th grader at Southern High School in Durham, NC. Her goal for this school year is to create a volunteer club that reads to elementary school kids. She dreams of being a nurse or a teacher because she wants to help her community. She's outgoing, driven, energetic, and hilarious. Last year, she was voted Most Likely to Save the Planet.

Jessamyn doesn't think she can become an entrepreneur. She doesn't know anyone who owns a company and the entrepreneurs she sees on TV don't look like her.

Do you know a teen like Jessamyn? Maybe she's your daughter, your mentee, your babysitter, or neighbor. How might we open her eyes to her own potential?

The Problem

Minority students are are unable to see themselves pursuing a career in entrepreneurship because they most-often identify entrepreneurs as wealthy white men who own large companies.

The Solution

Future Bosses is an app and experience designed to introduce students to design thinking and entrepreneurial careers, as well as provide real-world examples of local, diverse entrepreneurs.

The Impact

We believe the more entrepreneurs in a society, the better off we all are. Furthermore, the more diverse the entrepreneurs in a society, the more likely we are to generate dynamic ideas, rapid innovations, and resilient ventures.

The mission of Future Bosses is to build the next generation of diverse entrepreneurs.

Future Bosses is...

  • A unique learning experience
  • A celebration of local entrepreneurs
  • A storytelling platform
  • Accessible
  • Interactive
  • Inclusive
  • FREE

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