Memories Elizabeth Smith

About Myself

I am very hard working, and I know if I put my mind to it I can reach my goals in life. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, Oh. I went to Seton High school, I played the cello for 3 years, swim team for 2 years. I also worked at Walgreens for 2 years before joining the Marine Corps to be a Motor Transport Mechanic. It's about a year before I get out of the Marines and go back home to my family. Currently working at Domino's part time while attending Park. I love photography, reading, camping, almost anything out doors, spending time with my family/friends, and watching movies.

My Family & Friends

One of the most important people in my life is my family and friends. Most people who know me know my Parent's are divorced and remarried. I would not change them for the world I am grateful for all of them and they have impacted my life in multiple ways.

Fathers Side of Family

This was my family together after my Step-Brothers wedding, it's pretty rare we are all gathered in one place most of the time at least one of us are missing from these photos.

My Mother, Bernice (Did not have a picture of her & her husband, Paul)

This is my mother, Bernice, Unfortunately we don't have very many photos together. That's okay we do at least spend time together and that's what matters. This is her after we spent time fishing together.

My Best Friend & 2nd Family

The picture above represents my second family, well that's what I call them anyway. I spend quite a bit of time with them, if they need anything I will do my very best to be there for them.

My Friend, DaVaughn, and I

This my best friend in the whole wide world, DaVaughn. He is always there for me when I need help or someone to talk to. The photo was taken at steak n' shake after I great evening of going to the movies.

The kids I watch, Mau & Leao

I love spending time with these kids, they are almost always happy unless they are fighting with each other. They remind me not to be so up tight about everything and just enjoy my time I have. This was us together after walking down by the beach. 


Cat on my Dad's Side, Tora
Father's Dog, Sasha
My Mom's Dogs, Sunny & Violet
Mom's Cat Norbit

Mountain Rest, SC

This is one of place we went hiking with my brother, there was a tunnel that the rail road tracks use to go through. You could only walk halfway through the tunnel though. 

St. Louis Arch

We went to the arch when I was probably about 13 but it was pretty cool. Either to go to the top of it or go the museum underneath of it.

Niagara Falls, NY

The view from below the falls, if you go definitely wear the rain jackets they provide. Otherwise prepared to be soaked.

Niagara Falls, NY 

House Boat

This photo from the House Boat we brought our Sea-doo along and had fun!

House Boat

This picture is when we were on House Boat and we let these lamps float above.

Gatlinburg, TN

Great Place to go Hiking or go out in the town! Down below is a button that will take you to a page with some of the hiking trails.

Another Picture From Gatlinburg

The Farm

We, my brother and I, were traveling around families property

Savannah Nature Wildlife Trails, SC

Its a good place to drive around the scenic route, or go down some the trails they have. You might want to bring bug-spray!

The Sands, SC

Good place to go to the beach or just walk the board walk they have there.

Sea-World, FL

It was pretty cool to go down there and see all the animals they have and watch the shows!


My Step-Mom at the dolphin pool!

Rock City, SC

This was a neat place to go, walk around for a little bit, they have a place with fairy tale creatures!

Falls Near Rock City


One hobby I enjoy doing is photography, down below is the pictures I have taken. I try to do a variety of photos and never the same picture. All of these photos are unedited, I enjoy just taking walks going to different places and taking pictures.

The End

Hope you enjoyed my web page!


Family Members and Myself

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