If you give a parrot coffee, He will Probably be full of energy.

If the parrot is full of energy, he is going to be happy.

If he is happy, he will start to talk a lot.

When he starts to talk a lot, he might make a joke about you.

If he makes a joke about you, you will probably get bored.

If you get bored, he will notice.

When he notices, he will probably try to be your friend again.

If he succeeds to be your friend, he will probably ask you for coffee.


Created with images by ulleo - "coffee coffee beans aroma" • mochawalk - "macaw bird animal" • Hans - "blauaras parrot hyazinth-ara" • Martin Pettitt - "Parrots" • Gewoon - "urk boy parrot" • cocoparisienne - "boy child portrait" • inkflo - "tame blue macaw blue parrot feeding hand" • Herney - "macaw ave jungle" • waferboard - "coffee steam 2"

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