To Fight The Wild Non fiction Book report by: Ellie evans 8ep-2

About the book

  • Written by Rod Ansell and Rachel Percy
  • Copyright Date- 1986
  • Main Topic- Survival
  • Takes place in 1977
  • Book begins in Early May in Western Australia somewhere along Victoria River

Who are some important people?

  • Main Character, Rod Ansell
  • He has to learn survival and perseverance if he wants to live during the time he is lost in Australia.
  • He is so important because the book is about his survival and all the things he has to do in order to survive those 7 months.
  • The 2 Bullterrier pups, Bouncer and Cindy
  • These 2 pups are very important to the story because during those 7 weeks they were Rods only company and without them he probably would have began to become hopeless and depressed and maybe not have survived.

Important Events

  • One very important event was when Rod shoots a Crocodile right before it is about to attack his 2 pups
  • It is important because his pups were the 2 things that kept him company and kept him from becoming lonely and depressed. If he was alone during all that time he may have lost faith and end up not surviving, but since he had the pups he kept on persevering and maintain himself until someone found him.

What interesting facts did i learn?

  • When a crocodile is hunting big prey it will bite it at the nose and pull it under and drown the animal instead of trying to wrestle with it until it dies.
  • Ant lions place traps, a funnel hollow shape in sand or soil, all over the place. Their tactic is to stay at the bottom and then once an ant starts falling down the "trap" they pull them down with their pincers.
  • Bull catching is a very hard job and some people die from it, but most bull catchers die alcoholics.
  • Tribes used to go collect and live off yams at certain times.
  • Sometimes when horses are let lose to feed they get hobbles put on. Hobbles were a tie or a strap put on the horse to prevent them from roaming off.
  • Being able to throw a bull is more about strength and timing rather than being big.
  • Hunters much rather prefer shooting animals in small numbers rather than vast numbers. Shooting in vast numbers is one of the dirtiest job you can comes across.

My book rating

  • If I were to rate this book I would give it a 3. I thought this was a very interesting book but I was able to predict it very easily. The one thing I wish it had more of is exciting events that keep the reader wanting to read.

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