PARIS By Kimberly Colin

have you gone to paris?

You see the airplane past by you, and you know you where that's going . But you dont know nothing about paris, and that's why im here im going to tell you all about paris . like where is it located, weather and climate, people's religion and more cool things you did not know about pairs lets get started .

where is pairs loctaed?

Paris is located in France and France is located in the norther part of Europe. the area of paris is 33.6 sq mi wow thats realy small! pairs is the capitle of france.


What are people in paris like according to the wikopida 61% Catholic. 4% Portestant. 7% Islim 2% other religion. 1% judaism. 25% no religion. peolpe in paris according to Ayersdy in paris peolpe eat fresh baked bread ,lot's of vegetables , beef chicken and pork .

climate and weather

July, Setmber , August and June its mostly nice weather and the warmest month is July. and the coldest month is december. But of cours we can't foget about may may is the wettest moth in paris .


You remeber that cool thing i told you about well the time is here. Pairs has a cool museum and its free every frist sunday of the month. its the largest musem in the world it was establish in August 10, 1793 .Now that's cool.


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