2019 Rubbish Renewed Business Challenge Nine local businesses put their trash fashion creativity to the test by competing in the Business Challenge - January 25, 2019. A great way to promote your business while raising money for two local public schools!

Each year a group of businesses come together to celebrate sustainability, support Realms education, and compete for the Coveted Trash Trophy.

As the bike commuting and touring hub of Bend, Bend Velo not only by their very nature, screams sustainability (keeping cars off the road), they also create the classy J Livingston line of retro commuter bikes re-purposed from old mountain bike frames. Designer Karen Holm designed “Raven Warrior” from the biggest bike related waste . . . the inner tubes.

On January 25, 2019, Bend, Oregon witnessed two stunning shows that comprised the 9th annual Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show.

51 designers

1 night

2 completely different shows

Photos by Jazmine Turner Photography

You can buy photos at the link below.

In for their 3rd Business Challenge, Save the Bull, is a matador inspired piece made from garbage bound items from Barrio’s restaurant. Before switching to paper straws, the staff collected used plastic straws from empty margaritas over a few months period. We know designer Paris Draheim, is a master material manipulator!

This group of creative folks are competing in their 3rd challenge. They bring material manipulation at its best. In the process of rebranding the BBT design team harnessed the power of computation to thoughtfully tessellate these now obsolete business cards into undulating tubes to create a new form—a new vision for the future.

“Rubbish Royalty” is Lonza’s first foray into Rubbish Renewed fashion. This is the most enthusiastic team, creating 3 pieces with 5 designers! The leading supplier in life science industries, and the research center of the company, we love that they are placing sustainability at the core.

The fashion forward trash fashionistas from ReStore bring us their 8th Business Challenge. This dedicated team have competed every year, and currently hold the Coveted Trash Trophy! ReStore certainly embodies the notion of sustainability as a way of life.

For their 2nd Business Challenge, the Giant Loop team created this 20’s and 60’s inspired shift dress from over 100 2-inch ykk zippers, nylike webbing, quick release cams and assorted buckles and reflective ribbon tape. This fabulous ensembles purpose is to encourage you to shift your thinking into a greener world.

Moonfire & Sun is back for its 2nd Business Challenge with another Simone Kujak creation. We’ve seen Simone transform rubbish into red carpet ready fashion from our early shows. This year, garden waste from broken pottery and burlap to rubber bands from pottery packaging comes alive on the runway.

Jen Riker, owner of Brave Collective, was inspired when she accompanied her son on the Realms 6th grade trip to the Portland Food Bank. In their 2nd Business Challenge they have created their piece out of plastic red mesh onion bags and labels.

For their first Business Challenge, seasoned designer/model, DeeDee Johnson created a piece out of beverage packaging. Big Foot has a small environmental footprint for a business its size. They converted their fleet to biodiesel fuel, use electric forklifts, and make hybrid vehicles available to sales personnel.

. . . and the winner is . . .

The 2019 Business Challenge Winner was Barrio!

Photos of last year's winning business, ReStore, presenting the trophy and congratulating the winner! Barrio will receive a complimentary VIP table at next year's event. Photos: by Amy Anderson