The French Revolution Effect By lemeki takataka


The French Revolution started in 1789 and then ended on 1799. There are many reasons on why France had went into its own revolution is because one of those main reasons is because of their own financial issue. Why because Frances debt had improved from the American revolution. From this King Louis XVI increased the the tax and reduced the amount of people's income of how much they can earn. The taxes were raised to more then ten percent to most of the population in France. People that didn't have to pay tax and was gaining money instead of losing money was the first and second class. People who mostly paid most of the amount of what they earned was the peasants who were the lower class-men.

Another reason of why France had started a revolution is the economy. The deregulation of the grain market, advocated by liberal economists, resulted in an increase in bread prices. There was also many laws that were passed down in France that hurt the people of France greatly. The laws were so harsh that if you were at the age of 18 and caught stealing an apple you would be punished by death. The harvest wasn't good for those who were farmers and food was very expensive. People were angry and beginning to revolt and from this people began to storm the Bastille in July 1789 killing many people. People were also annoyed because everything that they owned was then had to be owed to the nobles and the landowners.

Last reason was because of their culture in France that was trying to be changed by others. And the enlightenment philosophy desacralized the authority of the monarchy and the Catholic Church, and promoted a new society based on reason instead of traditions. The culture of the French Revolution was not confined to high art. The events of 1789 to 93 also changed how people lived, dressed, and spoke. The Revolution affected of how people communicated with each other by how they greet people like "Sire", "Monsieur", and "Madame" and used "Citoyen" and "Citoyenne".

Reign of Terror

The reign of terror had caused a lot of massive killing of people's lives in France. It's estimated to 17,000 people were guillotined (meaning that they cut people's heads off with a execution devise). And this included high level people like king Louis and his wife and other upper level people. This includes Hotel Deville and the Bastille prison which were destroyed by the mob. Several castles and mansions including property were attacked and destroyed by the revolutionaries. There was general economic decline that arose from un stable political atmosphere.

Rise of Napoleon

During the reign of terror napoleon was rising in his ranks during this cause. He was the young artillery officer who gained experience and became popular when he suppressed the royalists uprising at Port Toulon. Besides, the reign of terror led to the disappearance of important senior officers and politicians which opened military and political space for Napoleon to rise to power in France by 1799. And I think that Napoleon was a hero because I feel like that he was sacrificing everything to make the future of France a better place, economy, people, and atmosphere.

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